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14th Sept,2022

So here I am, back again, with a new blog – new layout, new concept, new everything. Well, except for the blog’s name and URL, of course. Just a few words on the reasons for a complete makeover before it gets real.

I woke up one morning (cliché, I know, but it’s just what happened) and realized I was growing tired of my own blog. Not that that was any news – I’ve been blogging on and off for almost 20 years, and there were quite a few times when I wondered if I still wanted to keep it up. My first blog, hosted on a blogging platform that has since gone belly-up, was about daily stuff, with an awful lot of cat content, because that was what I was into then. Around the time I joined Ravelry, I was beginning to concentrate more on crafty stuff, and to be honest, that was the happiest time of my blogging life. It was also the time I switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog. A few more years in, I accidentally deleted my blog when trying to make some changes, and another few years in, after starting anew, I grew so tired of WordPress and its numerous glitches and security issues that I switched to Contao. I still prefer working with Contao for reasons too specific to mention here but blogging with Contao wasn’t all that simple and beginning to take up more time than I was willing to put into it. * So I switched back to WordPress, and while I was changing things around anyway, I made some more changes that I wasn’t happy with in the long run – like writing posts in German (I don’t know why but I feel like a blabbering idiot when I write posts in German even though it’s my native tongue and should feel natural), like adding gardening content and kitchen adventures and book reviews … none of that is bad but none of it is really ME. And let’s be honest – some of the photos I added were well below par and just added to finally have something to blog about.

I’ve decided to go back to what I really want to blog about, and that’s all the crafty and creative stuff I’m making, or trying to make and failing at and tryring again until I either get it right or give up. I’m not going to burden myself with a „blogging schedule“, I’ll just blog whenever I feel I have something blogworthy / showworthy. With time, I shall add an overview of all my F.O.s, but for now, I’ll just knit and crochet and sew and see where it takes me. With that said …

The Gran Shawl


Have you ever had a yarn that even though you absolutely love it, are ready to burn or cut into tiny bits and pieces because it’s just so near impossible to find a pattern for it? Well, this one’s mine. It’s two balls of Wollium 4-ply in a pastel rainbow colourway that I’ve had for quite a number of years. I can’t find the ball bands anymore but if I remember correctly, it’s a cotton – poly – blend, and the colour changes (from violet to blue to greenish yellow to yellow to soft orange) are just plain beautiful and ever so subtle. I tried numerous patterns but none worked – either the pattern wouldn’t show off the colours in the best way, or the pattern wouldn’t stand up against the colours, or the construction of the piece wouldn’t fit.
My solution was to come up with my own pattern idea, fuelled by the desire to just start somewhere and keep knitting until I’ve used up all the yarn. I decided to start in the middle and make it a square, divide it into four sections and add two stitches per section every other round. The eyelet rows are an hommage to Habitation Throw, I just loved them so much I wanted them in my shawl, and I think they add just this tiny bit of interest a simple garter stitch square needs. All in all, it looks like a giant knitted granny square, hence the name – „The Gran Shawl“.

So, here’s to blogging about arts and crafts and colours and textures and all the fun stuff. Honestly, I can’t wait to share all my creative adventures with you.

* And guess what, security issues are still big with Wordpress. Just a few days after my first blog post, I couldn't log into my blog for hours due to a BruteForce attack. So here I am, back at Contao, working happily away. It might take longer than blogging with WP but it's safer. Hope I didn't jinx it just now.

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