much batten, little berg

18th September, 2022

I'm a good girl, I really am. I'm trying to use up my stash before buying new yarn. Actually, it's just self defense, I'm afraid that one day, all my yarn will fall out of the various bags and shelves and bury me, and nobody will find me because honestly, who would think to look under piles of yarn?

I've got a crochet blanket WIP and a knit blanket WIP and a two sweater WIPs and a shawl WIP (no, not the Gran Shawl, that one's finished save weaving in ends), and two shawls I haven't blocked yet, and a blanket that I haven't woven all the ends in yet, plus a pair of socks almost done (the ends, again. I'm just not good at taking care of the ends) and a pair just started. So, all in all, absolutely no reason not to start another project, right?

I've had these lying around for quite a few years now. It's all sock yarn that I inherited from my mother in law. I thought I might dye it some day but I think I've found a better use for it: the Battenberg Blanket by Sandra Paul. I have lots and lots of sock yarn leftovers in all colours and colour combinations so I thought I'd make one just like in the pattern, alternating solid off-white and colour squares but I didn't like it. Most of my leftovers are from self-striping yarns in colours that don't match all that well. It would have been a mess. I think I'll make a real Battenberg Blanket one day, maybe in Scheepjes Stonewash, but for now, and for this yarn that I really wanted to use, I had to come up with a different idea.

A quick search around the stash later, and I came up with a few balls of uni colours, and after trying various combinations, came up with a very calm combination of pumpkin, beige, and light grey against the off-white background. Since I only have 50 gr of the beige, and only 100 gr each of the pumpkin and light grey, I decided not to use full squares for the colours but just make them with one round of colour, followed by off-white, and space the coloured squares further apart.

The beige is barely visible in the photo above, it stands out much more in reality (I suppose by the time it's finished, the light outside will be much better, resulting in much better photos - shooting at the kitchen table in what feels like the first days of winter isn't all that much fun). I should be able to use up most of the off-white sockyarn for this blanket. I'm not sure I can call it a Battenberg since it has so much batten and so little berg but I really like the way it looks. The few dots of colour keep it interesting enough but it's still so calm and soothing, the perfect autumn / winter crochet. I guess it will go well with cinnamon rolls and a good cuppa.

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