much batten, little berg

I'm a good girl, I really am. I'm trying to use up my stash before buying new yarn. Actually, it's just self defense, I'm afraid that one day, all my yarn will fall out of the various bags and shelves and bury me, and nobody will find me because honestly, who would think to look under piles of yarn?

I've got a crochet blanket WIP and a knit blanket WIP and a two sweater WIPs and a shawl WIP (no, not the Gran Shawl, that one's finished save weaving in ends), and two shawls I haven't blocked yet, and a blanket that I haven't woven all the ends in yet, plus a pair of socks almost done (the ends, again. I'm just not good at taking care of the ends) and a pair just started. So, all in all, absolutely no reason not to start another project, right? [...]

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