YOP 2019 #3

Hello my dears, and here we go, we have progress and new beginnings and even a finished book, can you believe it?

So, I made amazing progress on my Surf & Turf stole, and it’s beginning to look really interesting:

The pink does make all the difference. I’m on the 4th repeat of section B, or in other words, about two thirds in, and I’m definitely going to finish it and enjoy wearing it once the dreaded blocking is done. Something tells me this pattern is going to need some hardcore blocking but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I’ll just knit, admire, and then knit some more.

I also made some progress on the Opal socks (first sock almost completed, 15 more rounds on the leg, and then 15 rounds cuff) but decided on another carry-on project. We went out for dinner with a group of bikers we met last year, and while a vanilla is a great carry-on because of its mindlessness, I always have to carry a notepad of some sort because I’m a little (okay, who am I trying to fool – awfully) obsessed with making both socks the exact same size, so I take notes of how many rounds I’ve already completed. Juggling a sock-to-be plus notepad at the dinner table is a bit too much even for my taste, so I decided to bring a very simple crochet granny project:

It’s the Chocolate Box pattern by Jan Eaton, and I’m using self-striping sock yarn with longer colour repeats. I love the way this one turned out, I’ve completed two more in the meantime, and am aiming to make at least one per day. Not really sure yet whether to collect the grannies until I’ve got enough for a blanket, or put a few together as soon as I’ve got a matching pile … I’m determined to take my time and just enjoy the process, maybe think things over while I’m crocheting, and just let the world be for the time it takes to complete one granny.

And since I had my crochet hook out anyway, I decided to give another pattern a try:

It’s my first attempt at the Medina Mosaic Tile pattern by Mark Roseboom aka the guy with the hook. I used a cotton yarn in whatever colours just to try and see how it turns out. I love the texture and shine of the cotton but I think an entire blanket might get too heavy. Also, I’d rather work with lighter colours next time, I think it gets too gloomy with the purple. Overall, it’s a well-written pattern with lots of photos to help you through, and I love how it turned out so far.

On to the book I finished:

I might have picked the weakest one in the series (it was one of those free promo offers) but I didn’t like it much. The characters were okay but the story was a bit boring, and it felt like the main character said and thought the same lines over and over and over. But at least there was knitting.

All in all, it was a good week, inspite of Steve passing on his cold to me. Oh, by the way, if you ever wanted to know the true difference between men and women, I think I’ve found it:

Steve: *coughs*
I: „Honey, shall I make you a nice hot cup of tea?“

I: *cough*
Steve: „Yeah – I passed on my cold – mission accomplished!“

He’s lucky he’s cute (and the ground is frozen). ­čśë

6 comments to YOP 2019 #3

  • I love the colors on both your crochet squares! Great idea on the self-striping yarn for the Chocolate Box — it’s really effective. The Surf & Turf is stunning and also fabulous colors.

  • I’m sorry you’re coming down with a cold, but LOL at the final line of your post. Now onto your projects! The pink really does change the Surf & Turf stole. In the ball I don’t think that’s obvious, but knitted out – wow! Pretty! And your squares look nice. The tile is really interesting. You’re reminding me that I was going to jump back into making BAMCAL squares after giving that project a year and a half rest. ;^)

  • Liz

    I thought the pink would help and now there’s no concern, isn’t it amazing how these things can work themselves out and the colours look great together now. The square is very attractive and very different to the typical patterns you see in these squares. The colours are very me as well, black, pink and purple – lovely.

  • That is so true! You are too funny also! I’m so glad you kept going with the shawl as it is gorgeous! Love your granny square…..it reminds me of a box of chocolates! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  • Sorry you are coming down with the cold, hope it’ll be done with soon!

    The stole looks great, the pink really lifts it. I’m interested in seeing the lace pattern blocked, I’m sure it’ll all come out beautifully.

    Great crochet squares too, really like those patterns!

  • Ha! Hope you’re both feeling better now.

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