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Winter Is Coming

To be honest, there isn’t really much going on over here. Since two of my co-workers were ill, I had to work some overtime, and spent the extra money on an online sewing class, or rather, a class to teach me how to design my own clothes, from taking my meassurements to developing a pattern to sewing the garments. Basically everything a dressmaker will do. So that is going to be one long-term project for next year, and I’m quite excited about starting it. I’ve also got the loveliest yarn lying around, waiting for me to turn it into a lovely, warm, and hopefully beautiful, stranded sweater, which I’m going to start soon-ish, possibly by the end of next week. Also, there’s some lovely sock yarn in really stunning colours waiting for me upstairs. Yarn-wise, this should be a cosy winter.

Other than that, I’ve been out with the camera a lot. Steve and I have both become interested in what’s known as „Urban Exploring“ these days. What a sophisticated term for „we poke our noses and cameras around places they don’t naturally belong“! Just walking around the town I work in, I’ve found many examples of abandoned and neglected places, from a closed-up shopping mall to houses and gardens. Steve recently bought a quadrocopter, so we’ve been out and about with it a few times (so typical for us to start a summer hobby in winter and freeze important parts of our anatomy off), and discovered an abandoned house (possibly a former gardener’s home or maybe even a nursery, judging from the many broken glass houses) quite close to where we live. I’m determined to go back in regular intervals, and document the changes that will inevitably occur over time. For starters, I’ve put our „Lost Places“ photo collection up on our website – click here to see the photos.

The photo above was taken outside the village cemetery. It pretty much sums up what November has been like this year – dull, grey, rainy, cloudy, foggy, with lots of amazing photo opportunities. Here’s hoping December will add a tinkling of snow and a few more rays of sunshine to the mix.

4 comments to Winter Is Coming

  • We’ve had a grey, foggy, damp November too. I look forward to seeing what you make with your new sewing skills.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Liz. I’ve wanted to learn to make my own patterns for quite a while now, here’s hoping it’ll work. It’s difficult to find something to wear when you’re only 4’11“ and curvy. I don’t mind my jeans being a tad too long but I really want my dresses to fit and look flattering. I’ve used all kinds of patterns from all kinds of manufacturers before but with all the adjustments I had to make, making my own patterns can’t really be that much more difficult. Famous last words, probably?

  • I like your description of Urban Exploring. lol I’d never heard the term and I’m kind of sad to hear it’s a „thing“. I like to think those who take these kinds of pictures are unique. Quirky, even. I love these kinds of pictures. Going now to check out the photos you’ve taken.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. I guess one has to have a certain mindset and a special sense of humour to go urbexing. LOL. I must admit that I love it – but to be honest, I did so even before it became a „thing“. I feel sorry for all the lovely houses that once were family homes, possibly full of children’s laughter, and are now abandoned and left to decay and ruin. If money wasn’t an option, I’d buy them, restore them to their former beauty, and try to find just the right owners for them. But since I don’t have that kind of money, I’ll just keep their memory on photos whenever possible.

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