Week 4/18

Hello my dears, thanks so much for all your lovely  comments on my last post. Melvin says thank you, too. He’s a very content little fish (read: spoiled brat) today, his quarters were freshened up with some fresh water, and his chow is in the making, or rather, defrosting.

Let’s move on to the yarny goodness, shall we? This:

is my latest yarn haul. 11 balls of Lang Presto in dark grey and 6 balls in light blue. Since the yarn is discontinued, my LYS had a special sale, and I grabbed these in the hope they’ll be enough for a yoke sweater for yours truly. It’s a cotton mix yarn with only about 65 m per 50 g, so not really much mileage to get out of one ball. The 11 balls of dark grey wouldn’t have been enough so I decided to add some stranded colourwork in light blue. I’m planning to do a stranded pattern in the yoke, plus smaller patterns at the ends of both the body and sleeves. I never made a seamless top-down yoke before but how hard can it be? (Famous last words, I know.) I’m going to follow the excellent instructions in „The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters“ by Ann Budd and hope to get it right. I might wait until March and my vacation, though. Might be a good idea to be able to concentrate on this for a few days in a row.

Other than that, I finished the crocheting part of Chai (with many thanks to Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail – somehow, I crochet faster when watching a nice movie), started the second sock, and even managed a few more stitches on my Fruit Salad Wave blanket. I still skipped week 3 because frankly, my mind was stuffed full with shop talk. I so enjoyed that trip to Hamburg even though it was quite a long day, it’s a 500+ km drive (one way!) so since we had to start early, I had to get up at 2 a.m., but as I was so excited (and nervous as well), I hardly slept at all the night before. We did get there alright, had a lovely day walking around the trade fair, ordered our tea, and after an early dinner, got home just in time for the snow storm. Since many of you asked about what teas I was going to pick, I decided to „show“ you the shop I work at and tell you a little more about it in an extra post.

The better part of last week was spent trying to remember a song. Do you know this feeling when you hear this one line of a song in your head, it’s on repeat, you know that you know and like that song, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember the title or any other part of the lyrics except for this one line that keeps playing on and on and on and on … Back in the old days, I would have gone to the record store and told the guy working there that I was looking for a song, „and it goes like this: *sing*“. These days, I’m spared the embarrassment because I can ask „okay, Google“. Thankfully, Auntie G. knew the song and even directed me to Youtube where I found:

Yeah, I know, right? I’ve no idea where that came from, it’s way out of my musical comfort zone.

And I also managed to squeeze a couple of books in:

„Murder at Merisham Lodge“ is the first in a three book series about Joan Hart and Verity Hunter. I liked it very much, it’s a typical British cosy. „Which end is up?“ is all about change, with infuriating and sad parts, but I still enjoyed it, even though I thought the ending was a bit rushed.

With luck, I might have my first new FO to show next week. Seriously, how much longer can it take to finish some plain vanillas?

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  • Lucy Bowen

    Ohh your yarn haul looks brilliant, I can’t wait to see the colourwork. Gorgeous colours.

  • Gorgeous yarn, and such a lovely combination of colours! I hope your sweater plans work out! Some day I’ll screw up the courage to make a garment for myself 🙂

    • Ella

      Thank you, Lynn. Do make some lovely garment for yourself, there’s no better feeling in the world than wearing your own make, and possibly your own design. (Hope I’ll still be saying this when I’m in the middle of messing up the yoke.)

  • I am so excited to see what that gorgeous yarn becomes. I think it will be a wonderful sweater.

    Hooray for Auntie G. She is super smart.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Marsha. Gosh, I really hope it’ll be a nice sweater, I’m so prone to messing things up these days. Maybe Auntie G kann even help with that, who knows?

  • Love your yarn and I think it will make lovely color work. Glad your trip went well and I’m looking forward to hearing about your job and your teas. Ann Budd is very good. I have one of her sock books. I’m doing my first sweater right now and enjoying it. Good luck with yours. I couldn’t watch the video in my country but I know what you mean about a lyric swimming around in your head and not remembering the name or the rest of it! LOL! That’s an international quandary, I think. Love the books, especially the British mystery….love a cozy mystery and the Brits do it so well! Have a good week!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. And good luck with your sweater as well. Are you following a pattern or making it up from scratch? Ann Budd’s book is very good, so if I mess up it definitely won’t be her fault. 😉

  • I look forward to seeing your finished sweater, Ella. Your yarn looks so soft and yummy. Now that video… first of all, I had to find a link that worked for me and the video was completely distracting, very odd (lol), but oh my goodness! The song is beautiful. So sweet. It makes me want to be young and in love again. Thank you for sharing it. Now it’s going to be in MY head!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. That song really has something sticky about it, doesn’t it? I’ve got another one that’s playing on repeat in my head right now, heard it on the radio at work, and it’s been with me ever since.

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