Week 20/18

Wow, so this is week 20 already! It’s been a while since my last weekly post. Now on the plus side, I finished the socks I started at the beginning of the year, started another pair but frogged it almost immediately because I didn’t like the yarn, and bought this lovely ONline merino yarn in those beautiful pinks that you see above instead. I’m still on my first sock, though. I keep dragging my knitting around, determined to sit and read or watch TV and knit along but somehow I hardly ever do. Life is just so full of amazing things right now, and somehow, knitting gets pushed to the back burner all the time.

Among the amazing things is this:

We built a raised bed last year – or rather, I kind of requested it and Steve, kind as ever, did all the manual labour that I wouldn’t know how to do – and planted a few herbs. Parsley, basil and chives, to be precise. When winter came, I totally forgot to take them out and pot them to take them inside. The basil and parsley did not make it, but just look at the chives! Growing strong, about twice as much as I planted last year, and blooming so beautifully! Every time I walk past the bed, I stop to admire them.

Then there’s rosemary, we planted it this year and it takes much longer to grow. I have no idea if it is as hardy as the chives, so I’m definitely going to bring it inside when it gets cold (would somebody please remind me in, say, November? Thank you so much!). We also planted mint that has grown into quite a bush already, and Steve added a bell pepper plant yesterday. I have no idea if bell peppers will grow in a raised bed but I’m all for trying. Steve also bought three tomato plants, a cherry tree and a peach tree. The plan is to grow some kind of „pick and taste“ garden all around the house. We already have five varieties of grapes and a yellow raspberry in front of the house plus the wild raspberries and strawberries that self-seeded a few years ago, and let’s not forget the elderberry bushes the former owners planted many, many moons ago.

So while I’m not exactly a successful knitter / crocheter at present, I have rekindled my love for photography. My Canon DSLR is still the love of my life but just recently, I decided to give snapping away with my cellphone another chance. The main purpose was to take photos of the shop and post them to Instagram, and one day while I fiddled with it, I discovered that my cell actually has „professionel“ settings. It’s no comparison to my DSLR, of course, but the more I try, the more comfortable I become with it, the more I realize it’s a nice tool and just as easy as shooting a polaroid, but with better quality results. So I’ve started taking one photo per day to post on Instagram and share on Facebook. It’s quite an exciting learning curve for me, and I’m so curious to find out where it’ll lead me in the end. You can find the link to my Instagram account in the footer if you’re interested. I’d be so honoured if you followed me. As for Facebook, I only share things with my friends, and I don’t accept random friend requests, so if you’d like to follow me on Facebook, please PM me first.

So much for this week. I still owe you the list of books I’ve read in the meantime but I’ve decided to write an extra post for them to catch up, and get back to posting them in my weeklies from next week on.

8 comments to Week 20/18

  • I am seriously impressed with your pictures, Ella. It’s not clear to me, reading your post, whether these are pictures taken with with your phone camera or with your DSLR. They are stunning.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. The photos in today’s post (and also the one before) were all taken with the DSLR. So far, I’ve only used my phone photos for Instagram and Facebook as some sort of challenge to step out of my comfort zone, and while I wouldn’t completely rule out using phone photos for the blog, I don’t intend to at present. There’s something so satisfying about taking the DSLR out, taking photos in RAW, and then developing them at the computer before uploading them to the blog. A bit like fast food versus soul food.

  • Your phone takes great photos. But I also love my DSLR too.

    My mouth was going nuts reading about all the yummy things you have planted. Our growing season here is tough to work with. I have gardened before but it really takes lots of planning and TLC to grow stuff when it’s 115 out.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Marsha. I’m not sure how successful I’m going to be with the growing things part but I’ll try. If all else fails, I’ll have lots of mint to make tea from at least.

  • Whoops…my comment didn’t register so here goes again. Your photos are beautiful and I love your new blog book and the lovely picture of you on the side! I love to garden but not here in the South..,too hot! Enjoy your new plants.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. I’m not sure yet if I love gardening or not, I’m still such a novice, but I love to learn new things, and who knows, in the end, it might be just the thing I was looking for.

  • I have chives blooming on my back porch too. I love how my herbs volunteer from year to year even though I am a terrible gardener and ignore them until I want something for a sauce or salad. That is why all my other plants are succulents – they love being ignored.
    Your photography is stunning.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Mary-Anne. I’m not an experienced gardener, it’s very much trial and error for us. I just have this dream of walking around the house, picking a berry here or an apple there, and savouring all the different flavours and scents. I’m seriously thinking about subscribing to Craftsy Unlimited, they have all those courses about gardening.

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