Week 1/18

Hello, my dears, and welcome to the first edition of my weekly review where I’ll show you what I was up to this week. Let’s get started right away, shall we?

This beautifully soft ball of yarn is ONline Supersocke Silk Color, a superwash sockyarn containing 55% merino, 25% poly and 20% silk. Yes, it’s just as soft and yummy to touch as it looks! And aren’t the colours just gorgeous?

I decided on plain vanillas, I want the softness of the yarn and the beautiful colours to speak for themselves. Isn’t it a shame that all that gorgeousness will be invisible to the world at large? My toes will be happy, though. I’m trying to finish the socks before the 15th so I can wear them on my business trip to Hamburg.

Next, there’s Chai by The Firefly Hook. It has taken me incredibly long for such a simple pattern, and it’s still not finished.  A few more rows to crochet, then it needs to be blocked before I can add the tassels. I chose this pattern because frankly, I just didn’t know what else to do with the yarn. I used it for the mosaic socks I tried last year, and it just wouldn’t play nicely with other colours. This is a much better use, and once the shawl is blocked and doesn’t resemble an old crumpled fishing net anymore, I guess I’m going to be in love. By the way, I love the name of the pattern – Chai is one of my favourite teas, and that business trip to Hamburg will be all about tea, so it kind of fits.

I also managed to add a few stitches to my Fruit Salad Wave blanket. The original pattern by Sue Pinner is for a scarf but I really don’t need any more scarfs in my life. I have this awful lot of sock yarn leftovers plus entire balls of sock yarn in what has been described as „man colours“ – you know, the dark, dank, depression-inducing castaways of the sockyarn community – and so another blanket taketh shape.

On to the books I’ve read this week:

I don’t plan on writing book reviews, I simply don’t have the time between two jobs, my family, and my crafting adventures. Suffice to say I absolutely loved „Ender’s Game“, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I was a bit disappointed by „Alice“, though, somehow it just wasn’t as exciting as I remembered from my childhood days. I should finish a book about tea next but I have a feeling I’ll be off on another trip to Enderverse first.

16 comments to Week 1/18

  • I love that fruit salad pattern. It seems alot of us are finding cool ways to use up our odds and ends. Lovely!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Mary-Anne. These days, there are so many wonderful patterns out there perfect for using up all those ends, that helps so much.

  • That is some gorgeous yarn and your sock is looking so good! The shawl is pretty and glad you found a good use for the yarn finally. The books look interesting and although I have a copy of Alice in Wonderland I have never read it. Glad you figured out what worked for you and that we will be seeing more of you! Enjoy your trip. I love that blanket too…..good use for those type of yarns.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. I almost didn’t buy the yarn because it was slightly above my usual budget but Steve said the world wouldn’t spontaneously combust just because I splurged for once, and surprise of surprises, he was right. 😉 As for Alice, well, I guess there’s a time for every book, and apparantly mine with that one was way back when I was a child. Lesson learned.

  • That sock yarn is gorgeous! And with all that silk I bet the socks will be super warm! I love the colours, so I think a vanilla pattern is exactly right.

    Fruit salad waves is a gorgeous pattern; it’s going to be a very striking blanket!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Lynn. I’ve never used sock yarn with silk before so this is quite an experience. I just hope that wearing them will be as lovely as knitting them.

  • What beautiful projects – even the blanket made with „dark, dank, depression-inducing castaways of the sockyarn community“ – lol. No really… that’s a very cool blanket. 🙂 And I love the Chai! The colors in that yarn are just lovely. As are the sweet colors in your vanilla sock.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. The blanket pattern is fairly mindless, it’s a great project to work on in front of the telly, and I’m quite impressed by the colours. Who’d have thought all those castaways could look so lovely? 😉

  • Your sock looks very soft and the colorway is so pretty too. I agree, the plain vanilla is great to show off the striping.

    The shawl is so nice. What a great way to use up sock yarn. Especially those „manly“ colors.

    Chai……….love that tea too and the shawl it is named after will be perfect to accent any outfit you put it with.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Marsha. I hope Chai will add a special touch to that very plain (read: boring) blue dress I own. It’s a lovely dress but really needs something colourful to liven it up a bit.

  • That sock yarn sounds luscious! It looks great so far. I can’t wait to see the finished socks!

  • Lucy Bowen

    Your socks are gorgeous, I agree it seems a little bit of a shame for them not to be on show, but I love knowing I have a bit of gorgeousness on my feet! Love the fruit salad blanket.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Lucy. I think it’s a general thing with socks – you can either wear them or have people admire them. I prefer to wear them any day. 😉

  • Love the colours of the sock! Also looks so soft your feet are going to love them. Your Chai looks wonderful too. Great way of using your sock left overs for that blanket, it looks so comforting.

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