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The Shed

Look look look, this is THE SHED aka Lillys bedroom. It’s still not finished but isn’t it lovely? Steve built it all by himself, it was hard work since he had to dig lots of holes and move an awful lot of dirt (and fell my dear old apple tree and comfort his cry baby of a wife who, as it turns out, is severely allergic to tree felling), and I’m so proud of him.

Those funny looking leafy sticks on the left are actually forsythias. We had this huge mess of a forsythia in front of the house, and when Steve removed it, he cut some stems to plant in front of the shed. They seem to be doing great, here’s hoping they’ll survive the winter. (By the way, the mommy plant is coming back as well. Apparently, forsythias are extremely hardy plants, if you don’t uproot them completely, they’ll be back! Did you just read that in Arnies voice? If so, brownie points to you.)

The apple tree had to go because it stood right in the middle of what has become the new driveway. The red currants were destined to share that very same fate but Steve managed to rescue them and find a new spot for them at the side of the shed. And mind you, they even produced some few berries!

Speaking of berries …

Can you tell what this is? Those are our very first blackberries. So our pick and taste garden is taking shape, if ever so slowly.

Yummy! Well, not quite, to be honest, even though they have this beautiful colour, they’re still rather sour. A few more days in this heatwave, and they’ll be fine, though. Speaking of heatwaves, here’s a fun fact for you: did you know that chilis get even hotter if you let them ripen in the sun for longer? I’m a little afraid to try the habaneros and chiltepinos we’re growing …

2 comments to The Shed

  • Nice pictures. And nice shed! We have a forsythia bush in front of our house (out near the street). Every once in a while DH cuts the thing down to the ground. And it grows back as thick as ever. I love its yellow blooms every spring.

    What are those round stone things on the left side of the second picture? I’ve never seen anything like them, but they are really interesting looking.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. I think this is the first time in ages that I’m looking forward to the forsythias blooming. It will look so lovely in front of the shed. The stone rings are planting rings, they’re made of concrete, and are great for „green walls“, or for planting on slopes. We’re going to add a sun room to the side of the house, and since there’s a significant slope on one side, we are going to put the planting rings down and have all kinds of beautiful succulents and stone garden plants in there.

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