That Little Shop I Love

Finally, I’m getting to show you dears my workplace, aka the little shop I love. Yes, it’s a rather small shop, just one room actually, but it’s stuffed to the brim with goodness.

Okay, facts first. The shop „Wunderlich – Feines aus Garten und Natur“ is located in Münchberg (not far from Hof / Saale, in case you’d like to look it up on a map). It’s a family run business, selling mostly handmade goods, like jam, oil, vinegar, mustard and liqueur, in an amazing variety of flavours. Tomato vanilla jam, anyone? (It’s actually great but you don’t have to take my word for it, do come over and see for yourself.) Everything is made from real produce, no artificial flavours or food colouring, or whatever allergy inducing chemistry the food industry often adds.

We also offer wine from two different Baden-Wuerttemberg wineries, pasta and – as you know already – tea. For starters, I picked some lovely black teas: Darjeeling, a Second Flush from Glenburn Tea Estate (do  check out that link, that place is so beautiful, it makes me want to jump on the next available flight, even though I’m afraid of flying), a Nilgiri (a region in Southern India, the Blue Mountains), a China Keemun, and a Frisian tea (a very rich tea made of Assams and Javas, best enjoyed with some cream and candy). Then there are some green teas, a Chinese Chun Me, and a flavoured green tea specially designed for making ice tea, and a white tea called Pai Mu Tan (which I’m especially curious about), and of course a whole variety of fruity and fruit-flavoured teas. I picked flavours that I think will be perfect for spring and summer – berries, apple, pineapple, mango, you get the idea. I also picked one Honeybush tea, it’s similar to Roibos but sweeter, and two edible teas. „Whatever is that?“, I hear you say. Well, it’s made of dried fruits, and once you’ve made your tea from it, you can eat the now re-hydrated fruit bits, put them in your yoghurt or have them with cream or pudding, or whatever other way you fancy. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of all the tea goodness but if you’d please go over to the shop’s Facebook page, my boss Sebastian added some photos already.

We are going to have our first ever tea party on 3rd March, we’re going to offer tea, cake and biscuits, and some of those lovely jams you see here, and honestly, I can’t wait.

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  • Wow, it sounds so wonderful, Ella. I’m generally not a fruity not tea drinker, but your descriptions sure make me want to try some of your newly bought teas. The pictures of the shop you work in are charming. I think I would love working amongst all those lovely food and drink items with all their rich aromas. I’m so glad you shared!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. It’s a lovely shop, and I consider myself lucky to be able to work there. And of course, being the tea addict I am, it’s nice to have a reliable supplier. 😉

  • What a lovely shop. I would love to come and spend time in there. I love the idea of natural products without all the additives in them. You have some lovely sounding teas. I think there might be a few i could even partake in. I am not able to drink anything with caffeine in it and your herbal and fruit teas may be just what I could drink. I really like the sounds of the one where the fruit rehydrates and you can eat it.

    • Ella

      Thank you Marsha. We’ve added some more lovely teas in the meantime, I think there might be some you’ll love. Wished you lived somewhere nearby and could just pop in one day.

  • What an adorable little shop! I love shops like this. Special places to soothe your soul <3

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