And so it’s autumn, all of a sudden. The leaves are turning, nights are a bit chilly, there has been rain (hurray for that!), darkness comes earlier, but most of all, it’s that very special light that tells me it’s time to grab the camera and go out. Photography is painting with light, as some wise person once said, so in that sense, autumn light is my favourite colour. Since I’m planning to built a very basic website to keep track of our trips with Lilly, and document the sights we’ve seen and things we did (like our recent trip to the falconry), we took Lilly out for a ride and mini foto shooting yesterday. Here’s my favourite photo so far (please click to enlarge):

I can’t wait for our holidays to start on Monday! With luck, and if the weather holds, we’ll take Lilly out for some lovely rides around the countryside. It has turned out to be one of the most amazing, and most beautiful, adventures of our life so far, and while I still refuse to be called a „biker“, I am embracing this feeling of being an enthusiast.

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  • Painting with light. I like that. I also like how the light is different in autumn. While it’s still hot here, and will be for a few more weeks, the sky is bluer, and the sun’s rays aren’t quite as harsh as they were just a few weeks ago. And (for me) it just gets better from here… ­čÖé

    We visited our son last weekend and saw his new-to-him motorcycle. It looked oddly familiar. Looking again at Lily, I’m realizing he has a similar bike! Different, but similar. Simpler than Lily, and even with age and a prominent ding, his Yamaha is a beautiful bike.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. I’m not much of a winter lover but I do love frosty mornings, crispy air and mist rising up once the sun comes up and warms the earth. Not to mention cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea or cocoa, a good book and my knitting. If only I didn’t have to go out in that weather … but for some reason, my boss refuses to let me take all winter off to hibernate. ­čśë

      There are so many beautiful bikes out there! My two favourites are the Yamaha XV 535 Virago and the brand-new Honda CMX 500 Rebel. It’s sheer coincidence that they are the only two half-way within the budget that I can actually drive, being the vertically challenged person I am. Sometimes making dreams come true is such hard work … *sigh*

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