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All Those Squares!

Decluttering is a bit like an archeological expedition – treasures may turn up in unexpected places. Like all those squares I made years ago, totally forgot about, and found yesterday when cleaning out a chest of drawers.

I’m quite impressed with myself, actually. The squares are paper pieced, and I was really careful about sewing straight and keeping the correct seam allowance, and apparently, I pressed them well after each added piece. I mean, pressed them with an iron, not just finger pressed and hoped for the best. They look quite nice, even after being hidden away in a drawer for years.

Just look how many of them I managed to make! I still like the pattern, and it’s a good way to use up scraps, so I guess I’ll just keep going and collect more blocks. By the way, I got the template from The Quilter’s Cache, it’s called „All Those Squares!„.

And guess what else I found:

My first ever Crazy Patch block, aka The Unfinished Symphony. I still like the lace and rose bud detail. If I were to do it again, I’d add some more contrast with the embroidery, though. Anyhow, not bad for a total beginner.

So, I’d say that’s one more project for my ever-growing list…

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