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Rainbow Socks

This is one of the loveliest sockyarns I’ve ever had. It’s Opal Surprise, and the colours are just as good mood inducing in real life as they are in the photo. I can’t help but smile every time I pick them up to knit a few rounds.

I bought the yarn at „ErlangenKreativ“ convention in Erlangen on 13th April (can you imagine an entire rack of rainbow sock yarn? It was quite a sight!), along with the KnitPro dpns I’m using, and 2.5 m of fabric that I’m going to show you soon. For now, I’ll just leave you with a rainbow-coloured smile on your face. Hopefully.

Cookie Night

I love baking. Baking is easy because all you have to do is follow the recipe, and the result will be nice. Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, but still, baking is fun.

The part where you go seperate the yolks from the whites is fun, too. Especially when you’ve asked your husband to help you take photos (because you really can’t do all the seperating and cutting and meassuring and kneading, and still take photos) but he’s on the phone clearing an issue with your online order which takes a little longer than expected, and you find yourself standing at the table, egg in hands, muttering to yourself „hurry and get the camera, the eggs and I aren’t getting any younger“.

And did I mention the kneading? The sticky dough that seems to get everywhere if you’re not careful? And that magical moment when this utter mess becomes a nice, soft, lovely dough you can actually make cookies from? (I know it’s not magic, it’s gluten, but why fight over words? 😉 )

And so it begins – getting my new cookie cutters out and working. Wait, you didn’t really expect me to make the usual stars and hearts and moons and christmas tree shapes, did you?

Look at all those lovely bikes! Some choppers, some cruisers, some sports bikes, and even one with a driver – is this the taste of freedom? (By the way, did you notices that some of the choppers even come with a sissy bar? Seriously, cookie cutters these days … LOL)

Done. And yes, they were very tasty and a bit crunchy and soft and practically melting on our tongues. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of the choppers in their baked state because the majority of them lost their front wheels along the way. They still tasted great, though.

Yes, I really do love baking.

Goodbye Sunshine

We got her when she was a few days less than four months old. I know everybody oohs and aaaahs about puppies but honestly, nothing about her was cute. She was a skinny little bundle, made of long legs, a long nose and huge ears – and of fear. She was a sensitive little soul, intelligent as could be, ready to trust and love – but all her life, she was afraid of sudden changes, of strangers, of anything new and unexpected actually. Once she felt comfortable with where she was and who she was with, she could be quite the goofball, she loved to learn new tricks and was so good at it – she was the only one of my dogs who not only learned to „high five“ us but would even initiate a high five herself when she felt like it (sometimes she would high five me when she had done something bad, as if to say „yeah, I know, I ate the sofa, I’m a bad doggy, but hey, I can do high fives, so all’s forgiven, right?“).

She could be stubborn at times, and quite a handful to handle, and she was fiercly protective of her family. No strangers would have a chance to do any harm to us, not on her watch. The fact that the postman could hardly hand us our mail when she was around, or that neighbourly chats over the fence where completely drowned out by her barking is so beside the point, isn’t it? She watched over us and let everybody know. Period.

When we brought the twins home, she was first one to roll her eyes in a „oh no, please, not again!“ way – but she was also the first to babysit and play with them, and teach them all kinds of shenanigans. Like digging holes. Lots of holes. Deep holes. So deep you’d swear you caught a glimpse of Australia just looking into it. She loved to run and play but she never ran too far away from us, and she would always turn and check to see if we were still there. Simply because she loved to be with us and didn’t want to lose us.

She was so eager to please, and be a good dog. And she was. I’m so sorry because sometimes, I was too impatient. At times because I had to go to work, other times because I was tired from work, or had a long list of household chores to complete. Sometimes when I was in a bad mood, she’d disappear for a while, wait for me to calm down, and then come and place her head (or sometimes her entire person) in my lap, and help me to leave whatever bugged me behind. I’m going to miss that terribly.

We knew what was going to happen. She didn’t want to go out in the morning, she didn’t want to be with us in the living-room, she stayed in the bathroom, in a dark corner under the sink, and just dozed off. We checked on her regularly, that was all we could do. She was comfortable (well, as much so as she could be, considering the circumstances, and we made sure she wasn’t in pain), and she wasn’t alone. She passed away peacefully at home.

27th May, 2009 – 11th November, 2018

Goodbye Peanut, my darling sunshine. You’ll always be in my heart.

The Shed

Look look look, this is THE SHED aka Lillys bedroom. It’s still not finished but isn’t it lovely? Steve built it all by himself, it was hard work since he had to dig lots of holes and move an awful lot of dirt (and fell my dear old apple tree and comfort his cry baby of a wife who, as it turns out, is severely allergic to tree felling), and I’m so proud of him.

Those funny looking leafy sticks on the left are actually forsythias. We had this huge mess of a forsythia in front of the house, and when Steve removed it, he cut some stems to plant in front of the shed. They seem to be doing great, here’s hoping they’ll survive the winter. (By the way, the mommy plant is coming back as well. Apparently, forsythias are extremely hardy plants, if you don’t uproot them completely, they’ll be back! Did you just read that in Arnies voice? If so, brownie points to you.)

The apple tree had to go because it stood right in the middle of what has become the new driveway. The red currants were destined to share that very same fate but Steve managed to rescue them and find a new spot for them at the side of the shed. And mind you, they even produced some few berries!

Speaking of berries …

Can you tell what this is? Those are our very first blackberries. So our pick and taste garden is taking shape, if ever so slowly.

Yummy! Well, not quite, to be honest, even though they have this beautiful colour, they’re still rather sour. A few more days in this heatwave, and they’ll be fine, though. Speaking of heatwaves, here’s a fun fact for you: did you know that chilis get even hotter if you let them ripen in the sun for longer? I’m a little afraid to try the habaneros and chiltepinos we’re growing …