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So, January is over. And what a month it has been, weather-wise! It felt like every day brought a new season - spring sunshine one day, followed by fog the next, then frost, then sun, then more fog, a few snow days, and it ended in tears, so to say, with heavy downpours. I did have so much fun being out with the camera, though, since the scenery changed every day along with the weather. And I even managed to sneak in some foto snapping time twice, just driving around and stopping to take a few fotos whenever I felt like it. (Mind you, I think I do remember roughly where I went - after all, I might want to return in summer to snap some more fotos, who knows?) Other than that, I read 9 books, worked on the 30 Blanket, and finally finished a pair of socks. And I learned how to write my own RSS feed. Coming up next is the iMOT in Munich on 15th February, and I'm really looking forward to that. 

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