YoP '20 - #9

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November flew by so fast, I can hardly remember what I did all month long. I kept knitting "Dusk", and I finished a cowl.

Dusk is almost finished, I just need to make up my mind what collar to add. I'm thinking about a k2 p2 turtle neck to keep me warm on cold days. A few ends to weave in - just a few, since the yarn comes in such huge balls. Infact, I have so much yarn left that I might knit a shrug. Plain stockinette raglans aren't exactly the most spectacular makes one can think of but they're fast, they're mindless, and you can make them fit easily. By rights, Dusk should have been finished in November but alas ... well, more on that later. 

I did finish a cowl, it's the "Don't Touch Your Face" cowl by Nicola Susen. A cute little project, the pattern was easy to memorize, and I finished it within a few days. Unfortunately, I only have these two (rather crappy) photos because the cowl was a gift for the yearly secret swap we do at work. We pick our gifts alphabetically, and this year's was the letter F. I searched Ravelry for a simple pattern starting with F, and honestly, this one was just so "sums up 2020". I don't know who of my coworkers is going to get the cowl because we draw numbers but I hope whoever it is is going to like it and put it to good use. I enjoyed knitting it so maybe I'll make one for myself. 

... and else ...

And else, I helped my mom and dad move. They are both getting on in age (don't ever make the mistake of saying "getting old" or "older" in front of my mom, she's still pretty capable of ripping your head right off and frying it for dinner - though she might just sautee it because she says fried food gives her heartburn), and mom decided it was time to move into a flat and simplify her life. So they moved from a three storey six room house into a three room appartment. Both are collectors at heart, and sorting through their collections and deciding what to do with it all was difficult, heartbreaking at times, and extremely time-consuming. What do you do with all those family heirlooms that you can't really keep because you don't have room for them but don't want to throw away either? I ended up taking some of them home, like the silver tea spoons that were a wedding gift for greatgrandfather Karl and greatgrandmother Anna's wedding in 1908.

I took almost all of my mom's cooking books home and decided that since I have so many recipes to choose from, I might as well start my own cooking adventure. I made a beef and pumpkin stew that turned out a little too spicy, and a chicken curry I haven't yet posted about and that turned out really well, a mushroom risotto, and some cookies. I don't intend to keep all the books, though, just see which ones we like best, and donate the others.

Now I'm kind of looking forward to the next hard lockdown. We're in some sort of partial lockdown right now, with restrictions adjusted every few days according to the regional number of infections. Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés are closed, shops are still open, but many towns and counties have reintroduced curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Inspite of all that, numbers are still on the rise, worse than ever, so we are going to go into a hard lockdown right after Xmas. Maybe even before. I can really use some rest after all the moving, schlepping heavy cardboard boxes, sorting through stuff, all on top of working and trying to keep at least some resemblance of tidyness in my own house. I'm exhausted, folks. Right now, I can't think of anything better than sitting on my sofa, with Habitation Throw tugged around me, a cuppa in one hand and my ebook reader in the other. I only have two more days to work this year (one if the lockdown does start before christmas) and I'm determined to spend some of my free time just doing nothing at all. 

That's all for November. As usual, below are my updated lists:

Works in Progress:
  • 30 Years Blanket - crochet 
  • Simple Rag Quilt - sewing 
  • Fox Paws - knitting 
  • Photo Wall - photography
  • Terrazzo Afghan - crochet
  • Dusk - knitting
  • Vanillas - knitting
Finished Objects:
  • Pembroke Scarf 1 - knitting
  • Pembroke Scarf 2 - knitting
  • Living-room curtains - sewing
  • Vanillas - knitting - total: 4 pairs
  • Sockyarn Habitation Throw - knitting
  • Potholders - knitting - total: 11 
  • "Don't Touch Your Face" Cowl - knitting

If you'd like to see more Year of Projects posts, or join in the fun, please come over to our Ravelry group.

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Kommentar von Maureen DesMarais |

Love your sweater!! All those stripes are right up my alley. Congratulations on getting your parents to downsize. My dad still lives in the 4 bedroom house I and my siblings grew up in. I'll never get him out of there.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Maureen. Those stripes are lovely, aren't they? Well, if it hadn't been for all those stairs my mom would never have wanted to move. After running the stairs aaaaaalll the way up and aaaaaallll the way down again for two days, most of the time carrying cardboard boxes, I was really glad she moved.