YoP '20 - #8

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So that was October ... I've knit socks, polished a turd and decided it's Sweater Weather in my little neck of the woods. Oh, and there have been potholders.

But first of all, F.O.s:

I finished two pairs of Vanillas. I used Woll Butt Vermont for the mauve and cream striped pair. The yarn for the blueish-greenish-kinda-yellowish pair is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Batic. To be honest, I'm less than thrilled with the Meilenweit Batic yarn, or rather, with the way the colours pool. The left sock was knit starting on the outside of the yarn cake, which resulted in less pooling but some strange striping that didn't really make the colours pop while the right sock was knit starting on the inside of the yarn cake, which resulted in lots of pooling and "muddy" colours. The one nice thing about this pair is that I finally managed to get two absolutely individual, not looking alike in the slightest socks in a pair. The yarn is good quality and was fine to knit with but I don't think I'll buy that yarn again. 

Next up, the potholders. I made four sets (well, no, not really, I made eight potholders and let each coworker pick two to make a set) for my coworkers who so kindly stood in for me when I was on last year's very long sick leave with the shingles. A special something as a thank you was long overdue, and I'm glad to report that they were happy and even a bit thrilled to receive something hand-made. The pattern is "Baker's Twine" by Ducathi, and this time I used two strands of Catania cotton yarn just as the pattern recommends. 

The last F.O. du jour is my sewing table. I've had this table for quite a number of years, it originally came with an old iron Pfaff sewing machine inside but the machine was broken and beyond repair, so I decided to just keep the table and put my own sewing machine on top. I kept both table and sewing machine in my bedroom for years, until we started renovating and rearranging things around the house. The table got pushed from one end of the house to the other, and I must admit I didn't treat it with the respect it would have deserved. It got wet, the wooden case began to rot, and the metal legs were full of rust. Fortunately, Steve is an expert craftsman, and helped me save the poor table. We replaced the original wooden top with a furniture board, cleaned and polished the metal legs, and gave them a new coat of black matt paint. It's back in the bedroom now and completing my crafty corner, and I just love its new look. 

Polish a Turd ...

Which now brings me to today's tale of "it wasn't meant to be" woe, aka "what the friggles was I thinking????" And it's all about this:

Yes, it's a sweater. Or rather, it's the beginning of a top-down seamless raglan, my favourite go-to method for sweater knitting. I bought this yarn for a cardigan to match a linen fabric for a dress. Only I never got around to sewing the dress, and hence never knitted the cardigan. When I re-discovered both a while ago, I realized that with all the weight I put on in recent years, there wasn't enough fabric for a dress in my size, and definitely not enough yarn for a regular cardigan. My solution was to knit a lace cardigan but I messed up the pattern four or five times, ran out of steam, stuffed it all in a bag in a closet and closed my eyes in the hopes it would go "pouff" and disappear. Which it didn't. So with Sweater Weather fast approaching, I thought "what the friggles, let's knit a sweater". 

And it started out so well. I even got the maths right, and it fit at first try. I did the raglan seams in a cable pattern, and I admired (and still do) the beautiful stitch definition this yarn gives. It's cotton and polyacryl blend, by the way, beautifully soft, and holds up so well to all the frogging it has been through. Just ... well ... I don't know ... I tried it on, looked at myself in the mirror and thought "no!". I couldn't really put my finger on the why, I just didn't feel "me" in that sweater. It finally occoured to me what was wrong with the sweater: the yarn is a lovely summer quality yarn but the colour is more of an autumnal brown. For a split second, I actually thought about throwing the yarn away but it's too beautiful. So I'm going to go back to my original plan and turn it into a short cardigan, or maybe a shrug, to wear over whatever I'm going to make of that linen fabric I chose it for in the first place. And if I don't have enough fabric for a dress, maybe I can get a sleeveless tunic out of it. 

Dusk, at last

As I mentioned, it's Sweater Weather season over here. It's grey and rainy and quite windy, and even though it's not really that cold, I just feel the need to put on a sweater and cuddle on the sofa with a cuppa and a good book (and a dog and a cat, but that is a story for another day). I wanted to knit something mindless, big, warm, snuggly ... and along comes "Dusk". It's a top-down seamless raglan in plain stockinette (can we say vanilla raglan?), and the yarn I chose is Katia Galilea in colourway "Dusk" - hence the name of the sweater. I've just reached the point where I'll separate the sleeves from the body, and if I can keep  knitting at the same speed, Dusk should be finished within another week or so. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out, and can't wait to wear it. 

One last thing before I go: Did you know that "Cast On" is back? Brenda is back to podcasting, you can find the new episodes on her website, and if - like me - you'd like to go back to the good old days and listen to the old episodes of "Cast On", there's an audio archive on the old website. I've also discovered a few more podcasts, both audio and video, and I'll add links to them one of these days. 

So, als always, here are my updated lists. I've decided I'm not going to add the start and finish dates anymore. Who cares how long it took me to knit a pair of socks, or a sweater, or sew a quilt? What counts is the fun I'm having making it, and the joy of wearing, using or simply admiring something I made myself. 

Works in Progress:
  • 30 Years Blanket - crochet 
  • Simple Rag Quilt - sewing 
  • Fox Paws - knitting 
  • Photo Wall - photography
  • Terrazzo Afghan - crochet
  • Dusk - knitting 
Finished Objects:
  • Pembroke Scarf 1 - knitting
  • Pembroke Scarf 2 - knitting
  • Living-room curtains - sewing
  • Vanillas - knitting - total: 4 pairs
  • Sockyarn Habitation Throw - knitting
  • Potholders - knitting - total: 11 

If you'd like to see more Year of Projects posts, or join in the fun, please come over to our Ravelry group.

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Kommentar von MaureenHD |

You are quite the crafter!! Love your sewing table. What a nice place to work on crafts. The socks look great although agree the blue/yellow ones are unique. Loving your Dusk sweater. I'm assuming the yarn is predyed to create the strips. It will be cozy to wear.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Maureen. Yes, the yarn is predyed, I thought there would be longer colour repeats and was quite surprised to find stripes. Just love the colours. 

Kommentar von Cinnamon Knits |

The brown yarn has such lovely stitch definition! I agree, a cropped cardigan would be very lovely.

Your sewing table is also a success! I love that you were able to resurrect it.

Antwort von Ella

It's really a beautiful yarn, and now that I've decided on what to do with it, I so look forward to knitting with it. And I'm glad to have my sewing table back. 

Kommentar von Mary-Anne |

I love the sewing table that you resurrected. Beautiful work. I have never before heard the expression - polishing a turd! I may have to put it in rotation with my conversations. lol

Antwort von Ella

The lovely things one learns by listening to Cast On. LOL. I wonder what my turd will turn out to be ... 

Kommentar von Highlandheffalump |

I feel your frustration but a shrug over a sleeveless tunic sounds an ideal solution so I hope you can make the fabric and yarn into a winning combination. The yarn on your sweater is lovely, has a handspun look about the colours and it’s lovely. I think vanilla raglan should be a thing.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Liz. Yes, handspun was what I thought when I saw the yarn, it really has that look and feel about it. As for the shrug, I think I have an idea for a pattern, I think I'll start as soon as I've finished the vanilla raglan. Then again, I just ordered new sockyarn .. decisions, decisions. *sigh*

Kommentar von Becki |

Your socks and potholders look great. And that table!!! How wonderful that you salvaged the legs and made them beautiful again. What a lovely picture that makes in front of the window. What a nice place to work.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Becki. I love my new work place, and I'm so glad we kept the table. I've found a lovely chair to go with it, so I guess there'll be some sewing going on this winter.