Yop '20 - #6

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Who am I to resist a new challenge, especially one that everybody and their aunties seem to be doing? I'm talking about mosaic crochet, in case you hadn't realized. And I'm blaming Liz of Highland Heffalump for linking to the Havanna CAL and thus getting me hooked. Literally. 

I'm not yet ready for the Havanna CAL,mostly in terms of buying yarn for it. I crocheted a few test rows with an acrylic I had but the yarn is just not the right quality for a blanket. It's kind of hard and sturdy and perfect for pillow covers but just lacks the softness and drape I'm looking for in blanket yarn. I know what yarn I'm going to use for Havanna in the end but right now, I have so many WIPs and so much yarn that I just don't want to buy more. 

(Side Note: I've been trying to declutter and simplify my life ever since the Covid-19 lockdown started, and while I've managed to get rid of a good number of books and all kinds of other stuff, I'm still not content with my progress. I've found that having too much stuff, even lovely stuff like yarn and fabric, makes me feel overwhelmed, and takes the fun out of being crafty. So I'm slowly working to becoming a "project buyer" as far as garments and accessories go, and limit the actual stash to one or two yarn qualities I regularly use for blankets and pillows and home deco.) 

I mentioned in my last YOP post that I'm repurposeing the Spicier Life CAL yarn for my Terrazzo afghan squares. It's Stylecraft Special DK and such a lovely yarn to work with! I'm not sure how many squares I'm going to get out of the yarn I have, I don't intend to buy more of it, so even if I end up with just a lap blanket, it will have to suffice. I played around with colour combinations but I think all in all I like the tonal squares better, at least with the colours I'm using. I have not used the dark brown yet because it's my least favourite colour in the set, so maybe I'll use it to crochet the squares together, and to add a few border rows.

The good news is that Habitation Throw and I are back in love. We crossed the top a while ago and are now on the downhill run aka decreasing part. Knitting is so much more fun now that the rows are getting shorter, only turning the little beast at the end of each row is becoming quite a task. My timing is rather excellent, though - I mostly knit in the evenings, and now that autumn is here, evenings can be a bit chilly but Habitation Throw is keeping me rather comfy. 

Not surprisingly, there aren't any changes to my lists since I just kept working on Habitation Throw and Terrazzo Afghan.

Works in Progress:
  • 30 Years Blanket - crochet - started 22nd December, 2019
  • Simple Rag Quilt - sewing - started 31st March, 2020
  • Fox Paws - knitting - started 25th April, 2020
  • Sockyarn Habitation Throw - knitting - started 25th June, 2020
  • Stripes and Squares Blanket - knitting - started 16th July, 2020
  • Photo Wall - photography - started 26th July, 2020
  • Terrazo Afghan - crochet - started 2nd August, 2020
  • Vanillas - knitting - started 10th August, 2020
Finished Objects:
  • Pembroke Scarf 1 - knitting - (started 28th June, 2020 - finished 11th July, 2020)
  • Pembroke Scarf 2 - knitting - (started 6th July, 2020 - finished 11th July, 2020)
  • Living-room curtains - sewing - (started ??? - finished 11th July, 2020)
  • Vanillas - knitting (started ??? - finished 28th July, 2020)

If you'd like to see more Year of Projects posts, or join in the fun, please come over to our Ravelry group.

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Kommentar von Tammy Goodwin |

I have also destashed some stuff. We inherited a house and I'm still cleaning it out almost two years later, so we have a lot of stuff. I admire people who can be more minimalist. It's just not me.

Antwort von Ella

I hear you. I don't think I'll ever be a true minimalist, though. The mere thought of giving away all my books ... *gasp*

Kommentar von Maureen |

I too have been resisting buying pretty skeins of yarn and instead buy only with a pattern in mind and thus buy the amount of yarn needed to make the pattern. I have all these pretty one skeins of yarn and no idea what to do with them. Fortunately most are sock yarn so I can at least turn them into socks.

Antwort von Ella

Or you could knit a Habitation Throw with them. That's how mine was born - too many sockyarn leftovers in colours that didn't all go together too well. 

Kommentar von Marsha |

The Havana is a very addictive crochet project. In fact, all of her mosaic projects are addictive. Your terrazzo squares are turning out quite nice. I am glad you found a use for that yarn. The Habitation is such a nice knit. Your colors for it are outstanding. Glad you are back in love with it.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Marsha. Yes, those patterns are addictive. Tina had a bundle offer on Ravelry so I bought three? four? I don't even remember, but I do know I got the Fiesta pattern as well, and it keeps calling my name. I do want to finish Habitation first, though. 

Kommentar von Sandra Licher |

Good for you on the Havanna but I love the SPice of Life blanket....not sure I could give it up. The Habitation shawl is on my list and I love yours! I too am trying to get rid of "stuff" it is an ongoing project! Stay well!

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Sandra. I still love the Spicier Life pattern, I just can't live with a blanket with wonky edges. The edge solution on Habitation Throw (mock icord) is perfect for me, so neat and tidy and straight. I'm weird, I know. LOL. Take care and stay safe. 

Kommentar von Mary-Anne |

I too want to crochet the Havana but I get such anxiety picking colours and yarn for big projects. I guess that is why I continually find projects for yarn I have or leftovers from other projects. However I am running low on that thanks to Covid so I think a big yarn purchase from knitpicks is in my future. We can all blame highland heffalump for our Havana desires!

Antwort von Ella

Colour choice can be so overwhelming, I know. The more colours the yarn comes in, the more difficult it gets to pick. I think I'll do the Havanna as a beadspread so I'll pick the colours to go with the bedroom. Problem solved. Unless, of course, I change my mind. LOL. 

Kommentar von Becki |

The colors in your Habitation Throw are terrific! Hopefully the downhill side will fly by quickly and we'll be able to see the whole thing soon. And your mosaic crochet squares above are pretty!

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Becki. Most of the sockyarn I've used is variegated in some way but the colours blend much better than I thought they would. I can't wait to finish it and cuddle under it. 

Kommentar von Liz |

Hehe I see you’ve caught the mosaic crochet bug, it is addictive for sure and I really like the Terrazzo blanket, to be honest I think I like all her patterns but hey do use a lot of yarn. I’m glad your Habitation Throw and you are friends again.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Liz. And thanks for the mosaic crochet bug. LOL. I think I'll do Fiesta before Havanna, I might have just enough yarn for that one. 

Kommentar von Lucy Bowen |

I'm glad you have the habitation throw out again. And I'm sure you will find the right yarn for Havana.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Lucy. I think I'll use the same yarn that I'm using for my 30 Blanket. It's a fingering instead of a DK but it's nice and soft, comes in a variety of colours, and it's affordable. 

Kommentar von Elka |

I like your samples--I didn't realize those lovely squares make up the Havana shawl. I don't crochet so maybe it is just one giant square instead of many squares. I think putting together all the minis would be a wonderful project!

Antwort von Ella

The squares are the Terrazzo pattern, the Havanna is crocheted in rows. I don't have enough yarn for the Havanna, that's why I started the Terrazzo instead. Both are wonderful projects, and I look forward to working on both.