SPH '21 - Gift(s)

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Gift. The first word for this month's Scavenger Photo Hunt. And I immediately thought of "the Gift of Reading". 

I was so lucky to have been given this gift as a wee child. As far back as I can remember, books and stories have always been an important part of my life, from the tiny toddler age when stories were read to me by family members, all through the teenage years when some form of escapism was needed, up to today where, again, some form of escapism is needed on many a dreary lockdown day. The Gift of Reading is not just about being able to distinguish those cute little black marks on the paper (or more often these days, the screen), knowing how to pronounce them and how to make sense of their meaning when put in any random combination and order. To me, the true gift is being able to hear a sentence or a paragraph, and build a world around it. To read a work of fiction, and let the landscape and people come alive in your mind. To bond with the characters of a book. To mentally wander along the path of the story and feel yourself "in" it. Of course, the extend of being able to do so does depend on the author's ability to create a world as well - but I've found that this kind of imagination comes with practise - the more you read, the more you allow yourself to get drawn into a good story, the more it fuels your imagination, and the more detailed your mental image of a fictional world and / or character becomes. Children who only watch TV will have a hard time developing this kind of imagination. 

Books are an endless source of entertainment and wonder - and also of aquiring knowledge or even wisdom. I remember hours spent in the library, gathering information on a certain topic, and very often just because I wanted to know, to understand. And I still turn to books and keep stocking up my own library when it comes to learning a new task or perfecting one I'm already familiar with. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet for the many possibilities it offers when it comes to learning - I've subscribed to quite a number of online classes, and I've learned a lot from Youtube videos - but nothing can ever beat sitting down with a book and a cuppa.

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift." - Kate DiCamillo

And here's a list of more than a hundred quotes about books and reading, most of which I totally, absolutely, whole-heartedly agree with. 

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Kommentar von Lovely Lady |

I so agree; being able to read is a great joy be it for pleasure or learning. I too love the feel of books, something YouTube cannot offer!

Antwort von Ella

Couldn't agree more. Youtube has its place and is quite useful at times, but the feeling of sitting down with a book in hand is just special and can't be replaced. 

Kommentar von hawthorn |

Oh how wonderful - yes the gift of reading is so precious, what a lovely post, thank you for joining in xx

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Kate. And thank you for organizing the scavenger hunt, it's so much fun. 

Kommentar von Carol |

Oh I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more wonderful than getting lost in a story ... sometimes so sad to come to the end and to have to say good bye to characters who feel like friends

Antwort von Ella

And rereading the book and meeting them again, so magical. That's why I love series, you get to spend so much time with good friends. 

Kommentar von Eunice Ratcliffe |

The gift of being able to read is certainly a very precious one. I've loved reading ever since I was able to recognise a few simple words on a page and as I grew older I always had my nose in a book. I don't read as much now I'm older as I like to get engrossed in a story and there's always something to interrupt me here at home but when I go camping in quiet countryside I quite often while away a few hours getting lost in a book :)

Antwort von Ella

My husband used to complain that I got so lost in a book I wouldn't even hear him speak to me, not even if he was sitting right beside me. I failed, and still fail, to see this as a bad thing, though. ;-) 

Kommentar von Astrid |

It's been ages since I've read a book, I'm normally stitching while watching a show. But I do have a whole series I should start reading, maybe this week?!

Antwort von Ella

I can knit while reading, as long as it's something simple like stockinette. Do start reading your series, it's just the right season for cuddling up with a book. At least it is over here.