A Winter Day

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I woke up to a grey sky heavy with snow - not really tempting for long walks, but the dogs need to go out all the same, so I gathered up both courage and camera, and off we went for a short walk around the house. 

Everything is so quiet these days. The house next door has been turned into a holiday cottage but with restrictions being what they are, no holiday guests are allowed to come, and to be honest, I enjoy the silence so very, very much. It helps me focus on plans and projects. The old fence is coming apart, and even though it looks quite "shabby chic" or "vintage rustic" (or whatever the mot de jour is, I must admit I've lost count) I think it's about time to replace it, if only to save our dogs the humiliation of falling down with it when they jump up to warn passing joggers about trespassing. Come spring, the roses will need some trimming, I'd like to build a small greenhouse, we need to find a perfect spot for the new apple tree, the old barn will have to be torn down and replaced by a new shed, and I'd like to finally plant some hydrangeas.

But for now, I'm perfectly happy to sit beside the fireplace, with a cuppa and a good book and my knitting, dreaming of spring and flowers and days outside in the sun. 

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