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Dark Days Ahead

Literally, I mean. We’ve switched back to regular time from Daylight Savings Time, and as a result, days are shorter, nights feel a hundred years long, and it’s definitely chilly out there. Actually, it’s the perfect time for me to go out with my camera. Mornings are cold but beautiful, the light is just amazing, and I even get a chance to snap sunset fotos (I don’t do that much in summer because often enough, sunset is way past my bedtime, and besides, the light just isn’t the same).

I’m quite torn about whether to like winter or not. There’s an awful lot of stuff I don’t like about winter – working retail in December, when shoppers are at their happiest, peacefullest, most considerate. NOT! … having to drive to work in the snow, or on icey roads … the bitter and biting cold … the darkness … this heartbreaking end-of-year-melancholy I get every year, and can’t seem to shake off, no matter how I try … And then there are all the things I love about winter – like sitting in the kitchen, the hearth fired up, drinking tea while reading a good book and knitting … the quiet all around me, especially when snow falls … the perfect excuse to go to bed early to read (because hey, it’s dark anyway, so why stay up?) … the way the snow sparkles in the sun, as if a hundred million tiny little diamonds were hidden in there somewhere … cookies … hot chocolate … our wedding anniversary (this year will be our 30th). I guess it’s all a question of mindsets.

Somebody please remind me why humans don’t hibernate? Anybody up for starting a new trend?

4 comments to Dark Days Ahead

  • Love your post as you get your mind ready for winter. I have mixed feelings, too, but overall I do try to think about all the things that make me smile about it (as you’ve practically poetically listed yours). I love both summer’s long days, and winter’s short days. In the summer I love being about to go out and do things ‚till 10 pm if I want or need to. In the winter I love turning my porch light on at 5:00 and imagine the warm glow it produces signaling that we’re tucked warmly inside, or waiting to welcome us if we’re out and about after dark (and we remembered to turn the light on as we left). I realize some people experience some very real effects of the changing seasons, but I have found it mostly true for myself that it is a matter of my mindset.

    • Ella

      You know, the funny thing is that once I started listing all the good things about winter, more and more positive things came to mind. So I guess it really is very much a question of mindset. Though I don’t really want to give up that hibernating idea… that might be fun as well. As you mentioned coming home to the porch light greeting you – one of the most wonderful things about winter is coming home after work on days when Steve is home before me, and when I park in front of the house, I can see him in the kitchen, preparing dinner, while a lovely fire is burning in the hearth, and the cats are either gathered in front of the fireplace, or sitting on the counter and watching his every move, no doubt waiting for our dinner to grow feet and walk into their mouths.

  • Liz

    You write so beautifully, I’m glad you are writing the blog again.

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