{ Crocheting } The Kitchen Sofa Blanket Project

We always loved the idea of having a sofa in the kitchen. It’s the most cosy thing I can think of, especially on cold days when we fire up the hearth and sit down for a nice cuppa and a chat. Having pets means the sofa will need a cover, though, and thankfully, I’m the one who got the job of crocheting a huge blanket cover. The colours match the kitchen colours, shades of grey, some white and black, and red to brighten it all up. I finished the first repeat – everything between the black stripes is one repeat – and am working on the second, and I really like it so far. I decided not to bother about a special decorative stitch pattern, and just let the colours speak for themselves.

The yarn is Schachenmayr Bravo, a 100% acrylic, and I’m using a 5 mm hook, and trying not to think about how many repeats I’ll have to crochet to make the blanket fit a huge 2 m long sofa…

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