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Cookie Night

I love baking. Baking is easy because all you have to do is follow the recipe, and the result will be nice. Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, but still, baking is fun.

The part where you go seperate the yolks from the whites is fun, too. Especially when you’ve asked your husband to help you take photos (because you really can’t do all the seperating and cutting and meassuring and kneading, and still take photos) but he’s on the phone clearing an issue with your online order which takes a little longer than expected, and you find yourself standing at the table, egg in hands, muttering to yourself „hurry and get the camera, the eggs and I aren’t getting any younger“.

And did I mention the kneading? The sticky dough that seems to get everywhere if you’re not careful? And that magical moment when this utter mess becomes a nice, soft, lovely dough you can actually make cookies from? (I know it’s not magic, it’s gluten, but why fight over words? 😉 )

And so it begins – getting my new cookie cutters out and working. Wait, you didn’t really expect me to make the usual stars and hearts and moons and christmas tree shapes, did you?

Look at all those lovely bikes! Some choppers, some cruisers, some sports bikes, and even one with a driver – is this the taste of freedom? (By the way, did you notices that some of the choppers even come with a sissy bar? Seriously, cookie cutters these days … LOL)

Done. And yes, they were very tasty and a bit crunchy and soft and practically melting on our tongues. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of the choppers in their baked state because the majority of them lost their front wheels along the way. They still tasted great, though.

Yes, I really do love baking.

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  • I tried and tried to figure out what those shapes were you were cutting out. I couldn’t figure them out until the final picture. That’s great!!!! So, you do you mix your dough on a flat surface (as opposed to in a bowl)? If so, I think that’s pretty magical. I would have that stuff all over the place if it wasn’t contained in a bowl for mixing.

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