Here’s my 2019 list of projects:

  • continue the Seed Stitch Blanket
  • top-down waterfall cardigan in Lang Yarns „Ella“
  • oversized light summer sweater in Lang Yarns „Ella“
  • top-down yoke sweater in Lang Yarns „Presto“
  • finish „Call Them Cherry Blossoms“ socks
  • a few more pairs of vanilla socks
        1. Twister Sox 4 Color pink b/o 2nd Jan
        2. Opal purple-ish c/o 8th Jan, b/o 10th Jan
        3. Blue No-Name, c/o 13th Feb,
  • pair of stranded socks
  • lace shawl of some sort in Atelier Zitron „Filigran“ Seascape Stole c/o 1st Jan, b/o 3rd Feb
  • finish the star pillow
  • Sweater Drops 8-2 c/o 3rd Feb, frogged 10th Feb, new c/o 13th Feb, 
  • continue The Waver
  • a blanket with the Granny Blocks pattern, using up sock yarn leftovers
  • repurpose the Stylecraft yarn from Spicier Life blanket (plan so far: pick just a single stitch pattern from that blanket and follow the Spicier Life Taj Mahal colour combination)
  • Mosaic Tiles
Sewing / Patchwork:
  • finish the Rag Quilt
  • „Everybody’s Favourite“ Quilt (at least the top)
  • a skirt
  • a dress
  • a few shirts
  • a new boho style bag
  • a pillow or two
  • potholders / gloves (I have an idea but not sure how it’s going to turn out so I’ll leave the actual shape open for now)
  • new living-room curtains
Household stuff / Renovating / Remodeling:
  • start working on the kitchen
  • re-paint that old chest of drawers
  • come up with a shelf solution for the walk-in closet
  • finish the new driveway
  • tear down the old shed and built a new one to park the convertible in over winter
Learning Curves:
  • get my bike license
  • learn more about landscape photography
  • learn more about night / available light photography
  • try new recipes and get better at cooking
  • learn more about healthier eating

If you’re curious about what my fellow YOPpers are up to, or would like to join in the fun, find our group on Ravelry.