A Year of Projects 2017 / 18 – Week 6

Da bin ich wieder. Letzte Woche habe ich den YOP-Post einfach vergessen, der Kopf war zu voll mit neuem Job und Steves Aquarium, das er ganz neu eingerichtet hat. Ist aber nicht schlimm, denn ich hatte eh nicht viel zu zeigen. Habe ich streng genommen immer noch nicht, denn diese Woche bin ich kaum zum Stricken / Häkeln gekommen. Immerhin habe ich einen neuen Lost in Time angefangen:

Hi there, I’m back. I simply forgot last week’s YOP post, my mind was crammed with new job thoughts, and then there was Steve starting over with his fish tank and building up from scratch. You didn’t miss anything, though, I didn’t have much to show. Still don’t, as a matter of fact, because I hardly got any knitting / crocheting squeezed into this week. I did start a new Lost in Time, though: 

Diesmal aus Gedifra Airmix, einem wunderbar weichen Garn, das es leider nicht mehr gibt. Ursprünglich hatte ich die Wolle für einen bunten Pulli gekauft und eine Streifenjacke angefangen, aber irgendwie gefielen mir die Farben nicht zusammen. Im Tuch klappt es besser, vielleicht, weil außer dem Pink keine Farbe dominiert. Das Tuch wird kuschelweich und sicher sehr groß. Ich häkle mit Nadel Größe 6 mm, damit es schön fällt.

This time I’m using Gedifra Airmix, a wonderfully soft yarn that unfortunately isn’t available anymore. I had bought this yarn for a mulitcolour sweater and even started a striped cardigan with it but just didn’t like the colour combinations. It works so much better in this shawl, maybe because none of the colours dominate, except for the bright pink. It will be so soft and fluffy, and definitely going to be huge. I’m using a 6mm / US 10 / J hook. 

Die Farben auf dem zweiten Bild sind realistischer. Bis auf das Pink lauter schöne pudrige Pastelltöne. Das wird bestimmt ein Lieblingsstück, allerdings eher für den Winter, denn die Wolle ist schon recht warm.

The colours on the second photo are the real deal, all except for the pink are powdry pastels. This is definitely going to be a favourite piece for winter, it’s going to be quite warm.

Außerdem habe ich einen Socken fertig und den zweiten angefangen:

Also finished one sock and started the second: 

Und sonst so? Ich habe ein paar Reihen an meiner Streifendecke gestrickt, meine Liste überarbeitet, einen neuen LYS entdeckt, einen neuen Job gefunden und ein bißchen was gelesen. Nächsten Donnerstag geht es los mit dem neuen Job, ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie das so wird.

And else? I managed to knit a few rounds on my seed stitch blanket, updated my list, discovered a new LYS, found a new job and read some books. Next Thursday is going to be my first day in my new job, can’t wait to find out if it’s like I expected it. 

16 comments to A Year of Projects 2017 / 18 – Week 6

  • I am absolutely in love with the Lost in Time shawl. Your color choices are spot on. Love the socks too. Would love to see a photo of the fish tank when it is completed. Is it going to be salt water or tropical? We had an aquarium for several years but finally found we were too busy to take proper care of it. I hope your new job is everything you hoped for.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Marsha. Steve is planning to blog about his fish tank, it’s a 900 litre freshwater thingamabob. I’ll post the link once we’ve got his blog up and running. I really don’t know much about it but I’m learning and hope I can support him in his hobby just like he supports me in mine.

  • Phew – busy week! Lost in TIme! What a perfect name for the shawl and your colours are soft and it is going to be beautiful!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Mary-Anne. I really love the pattern. The LYS owner is making one with a Zauberball, I’m seriously tempted… I’ll need a lighter summer version anyway. 😉

  • Your Lost in Time is just gorgeous, I love the blend of colours and it seems you got quite a bit done this past week with it and your sock all done. Wishing you the very best in your new job.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Ruth. I look forward to starting that new job, and not just because it’s going to pay for my yarn addiction. 😉

  • Oohh love the look of your Lost in Time afghan. Nice colours too. Good luck with your new job.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Dorothy. Not that I need winter but at least, this year I’ll be prepared and warm with my Lost in Time shawl. 😉

  • Love your Lost in Time shawl…so pretty and it does look soft and cozy! I can’t believe how much you packed into one week! You’re amazing and congrats on the new job and I hope it is everything you want and more. I really like your socks too and I adore your Seed Stitch blanket. Have a great week!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. Guess now that I’m going back to work, my craft time will be limited. Then again, with winter ahead, I will be glad to have those blankets to knit, they’ll be warm and cuddly. You have a great week too.

  • Lucy Bowen

    Omg how busy have you been? The shawl is beautiful, such gorgeous colours. And your socks are coming along a treat.

  • The shawl really is pretty, the colours are nice together and you do such wonderful stitchwork!

  • This Lost in Time Shawl is just as lovely as the first one. I’m impressed that you’ve gotten so far!

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