Cordial-ly Yours

I did it. Finally. I’d been talking about it for ages, and now I finally made elderflower cordial. Wow. And guess what – it’s good and drinkable, though a bit too sweet for my taste (I usually avoid sugary drinks).

You see, we have these huge elderberry bushes in our garden that the former owners planted. Steve kept saying he wanted them out, and I kept saying I was going to make „something“ with them soon but somehow, I never got round to doing it. Until now, that is.

Making elderflower cordial is so much simpler than I thought it would be. All you need is water, sugar, elderflowers and lemons.

And voilá, here’s the outcome. I only made a small batch because I wasn’t sure if we’d like it at all, and since I only add tiny amounts to my drinks, the two and a half bottles I made are going to last me forever, I guess.

So here’s the first drink I used it for: this is green tea with about two tablespoons of cordial and a mint leaf fresh from the garden. Let summer roll around, please, I’m well prepared, drinkwise.