2018 / 2019 – Weeks 6 – 8

The best news first: temperatures are cooling down, we’re getting back to enjoying our regular German summer at 25° – 28° C. Thank heavens for that! I felt like my brain was beginning to melt in that 36° C heatwave.

The most exciting news next: Steve passed his driving test on 10th August and now is officially allowed to drive any motorcycles without restrictions! We went on our first ever trip together on 11th August (not far, though, we just went over to my mom’s to show off Lilly), and it was so much fun. I love to drive with him, and I’m so looking forward to going on some longer tours in the future. My mom kindly took a photo of us just before we headed back home, so here’s a cherished reminder of our first ever trip together:

Hopefully, there’ll be some warm, sunny days during the last two weeks in September when we’re both on vacation, we might go out for some day trips then. I’ll make sure to bring my camera and snap along.

In crafty terms, not much happened during the last few weeks. It was too hot to do anything yarn-related, I wasn’t really in the mood for sewing (infact, all I wanted to do was sit in the fridge and read peacefully), and frankly, I didn’t feel like running around in the heat and taking photos. I did start some smaller projects, though – started a new project book in a beautiful clear planner to have all my project notes and ideas ready at hand at any time, started a smash book for all my magazine clippings (not much in it yet but already such an incredible source of inspiration), and did some decluttering. I managed to finish the pair of socks for my friend, now I just have to weave in the ends, put a little card together, and off they go.

Steve got all crafty and made this:

(The  bench, of course, not the pillows, I made them a few years ago. 😉 )  It’s not entirely finished because he ran out of paint but it’s quite nice. We will need big pillows to make it more comfortable to sit on, and I might put small flower pots in the spaces on top of the recline, and he is planning on making a second one, a one-seater just for me.

I just had to try and see what the Waver will look like on our new bench, and yes, I think it’s going to look lovely. I managed to crochet a few rows on the blanket, it’s such a mindless pattern, and to be honest, I can’t wait to use up more of my sock yarn leftovers. I’m growing kind of tired of my stash and all the clutter it causes, so part of my vacation will be spent sorting through my stash, deciding on what I really really REALLY want to keep, and getting rid of stuff I don’t want or need anymore (not just stash stuff but also clothes I haven’t worn in ages, books I don’t want anymore, household items as well … well, you get the idea). I find that I need a clean house with a place for everything and everything in its place to be able to breathe and function properly. I also found out that I have four copies of one of my favourite books, all of them aquired for free from various book huts and mini libraries (that is not counting the ebook on Skoobe), and no matter how much I like that book, four copies seems to be a little exaggerated. To help with the stashdown, I joined a Ravelry group, and am going to do the „Fall back into love Stash Dash“. It’s not too overwhelming, even with my somewhat busy schedule.

I’m not just weeding out stuff, I’m also weeding out habits. I’ve found that I’ve come to dislike Facebook more and more. I was never a fan to begin with, and only joined on request of a friend who thought it would be easier to stay in touch that way. I stayed because I discovered a number of groups that matched my interests – but honestly, I can have all that on Ravelry, and so much more drama free, and without political (or sometimes even downright dumb) comments of friends‘ friends that I’m not interested in reading. So I’ll shut down my Facebook account at the end of the month. I will keep Instagram because I still love the challenge of improving my cell photography abilities, and also because I recently found out that I can link my Instagram account to Ravelry, and use my Insta photos for my projects. It will make getting new projects into Rav so much easier. And next to go, after Facebook, will be my Flickr account. I only used it for my Rav photos anyway, and apparently, I don’t need it anymore. I will delete my older projects on Rav and start all anew – I so love fresh starts!

In the spirit of starting anew, I decided to cast on a sweater with a lovely yarn I bought a month or so ago when a LYS closed down:

This is Lang Yarns Ella, and yes, the name was part the reason I bought it. 😉 That and the price of 50 cents per ball. I’ve got more than enough for a sweater in this red colourway, and a few odd balls in other colours as well. My first idea was to make a top down raglan but due to the irregularity of the yarn, I just didn’t like the look of it as a raglan. See here:

Parts of it are so see-through that I will definitely have to wear a top of sorts underneath, and that just doesn’t speak „raglan“ to me. So instead, I’m going to make a huge boxy sweater, bottom up, and add sleeve stitches on the go, and make a really huge open neckline. It’s going to be a light summer sweater, the kind that slips off your shoulder if you let it, and it’s going to be so light-weight that I can easily put it in a backpack to take along on bike trips.

This is how far I got (the colour in this picture is quite accurate – red is sooooo hard to photograph). I’ve not yet had the time to put it on Rav as my new project – well, forecast says it’s going to rain during the weekend, so here’s hoping. 😉

And that’s it for now. If you’d like to see what my fellow YOPers are up to, or would want to join in the fun, visit us on Ravelry.

8 comments to 2018 / 2019 – Weeks 6 – 8

  • What a great picture of you and Steve on Lily! I hope you enjoy lots of great rides before it gets too cold. The bench Steve made is really cool. I did, at first, think the picture was going to be talking about your pillows. lol Your decluttering of so many things is inspiring. I hear you about FB. DH has an account that he enjoys using, but that is enough for me to keep up with anything I want to, and even at that I find the little time I spend on it fraught with the very things you mention. Good for you for making all sorts of decisions that you know will help you feel and operate better.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. Decluttering inside and outside is such a cleansing process, I feel so much more focused already. Plus it’s so lovely to rediscover a special yarn or fabric or a book I used to love, and haven’t read in ages. I haven’t yet found the courage to count my entire yarn stash, though.

  • Liz

    I love the waver blanket. If you are looking at motorcycle adventures that are longer distances, then have a look at the North Coast 500 route in Scotland. 🙂

    • Ella

      Thank you, Liz. Actually, the idea behind the entire motorcycle thing was to go to Scotland in a few years. I want to see Calum’s Road on Raasay, and I want to go to Skye, oh, and to see Edinburgh and Glencoe again … We just need a little more driving practice, and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if I got my driving license first. 😉

  • Oh. ooooh. Totally in love with that crochet blanket! And I also love everything about the Ella yarn – the colour! The texture! It will look absolutely gorgeous as a big boxy sweater! As for the weeding and decluttering, I can totally relate to that, too! I am still all about using my stash, but was not very lucky in getting rid of skeins I will probably not use… Selling did not really work so far and I am still a little reluctant to give it away for free. Oh, and thanks a lot for linking the Year of Projects group – great that they start in July, so I can still join in, I guess.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Domic. You can join any time you want, it’s a lot of fun and everybody in the group is so supportive. I think you’ll love it. Have you thought about joining a swap? I know there are some out there for swapping / trading yarns you don’t longer want. It’s not strictly destashing but you might end up with a nicer yarn that you can use.

  • Oh, and I forgot: I can also totally relate to the Facebook thing! I am totally a Ravelry kind of social media girl, I use Instagram a little, but that’s about it. I rarely do anything on Facebook, just what is linked to Ravelry or Goodreads which I use for my reading.

    • Ella

      I deleted my Facebook account in the meantime, and can’t even begin to describe the sheer relief! If there’s anything important I need to know, my husband will tell me, or I’ll hear about the latest news from coworkers, and other than that, Facebook has nothing to offer that I want. And even the news bits come with stupid or even downright hateful comments. I’m so glad I got rid of that.

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