2018 / 2019 – Week 22

Hello my lovelies, can you believe this – for the first time in weeks, or rather, months, I’m posting on time and have something to show! I can hardly believe it myself. So, here we go …

Yes, I did it. I frogged and restarted my „Call Them Cherry Blossoms„. This time, I’m using the red as main colour and the grey as contrast colour, and voila, red blossoms against a grey background! Ahem … actually it’s more of a brownish red, the colours run from bright red to muted red to dark red to brown, with a dash of dark green somewhere in there, too. The overall look and feel of the yarn is red, though. I can’t remember what brand it is, I think it might be a Lana Grossa yarn.

Whatever it is, it’s lovely, and there should be enough for a pair of socks and a pair of mittens, too. This is the sole, and I’ve almost reached the heel starting point. It’s worked differently with these socks, and I’m going to take detailed notes so that I can adapt the general pattern for any kind of stranded socks, and come up with my own patterns along the way. These will be sofa socks, though, they might be a tad too warm and thick to wear in shoes, and besides, nobody would get to see the pattern if I wore them with shoes.

Today, I’m going to give this baby some love:

It’s my Seed Stitch Blanket, and it’s as mindless as it gets. I started reading a fabulous book last night, „The Man Who Didn’t Call“ by Rosie Walsh, and I need to keep reading and find out why he didn’t call. I can’t read while working on the socks but I can while working the k1 p1 pattern of the blanket, so I suppose I’ll have a finished book and a significantly larger blanket by tomorrow.

If you’re curious about what my fellow YOPpers are up to, or would like to join in the fun, find our group on Ravelry.

13 comments to 2018 / 2019 – Week 22

  • Liz

    Wow, there’s no way I could read and knit at the same fime, perhaps eventually. I love the socks and think the flowers look great in red.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Liz. I guess my hands have memorized the knitting motions so well over the last 40+ years that I really don’t need to concentrate on them anymore. I just can’t read and count at the same time, so anything more complicated than k1 p1 needs my full attention.

  • I can’t read and knit – how do you keep the pages flat? lol. I guess I need some sort of stand. I love the sock pattern, and your blanket is going to be very cozy.

  • Wow this sock is pretty! Could this be a Zauberball? And I really love the seed stitch blanket! ( And I hate the Autokorrektur on my tablet…😉😣😣😣

    • Ella

      Thank you, Domic. It’s not a Zauberball, I never ever bought one of those even though I was quite tempted to a few times. I think it’s a Lana Grossa Magico, since the shop my mum bought it from sells mostly Lana Grossa. Whatever it is, I love the subtle colour changes and the overall look and feel of the yarn. As for auto correct … this way please 😀

  • That yarn and those socks are gorgeous….love them! I also wrote down your book recommendation and how can you read and knit at the same time? That’s amazing! The Seed Stitch Blanket is also written down as I love me some mindless knitting! Especially with wanting to watch all the Christmas movies! Have a great week!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. I hope I can get the heel right. The pattern is very well written, though. I finished the book last night, and liked it a lot. I think seed stitch will be just what you’re looking for for the Christmas movie marathon, it’s so mindless and yet looks so great, I love the woven look it adds to the blanket. Have a great week, too.

  • You can knit and read at the same time?!? What you must be able to accomplish!!! Your socks are pretty, Ella!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. I can only knit very simple, mindless things while reading – plain stockinette, preferrably in the round, or simple k1 p1 patterns like seed stitch or ribbing. I have finished many a sock while reading – and always keep a notebook close at hand so I can mark every finished row to make sure the socks are half-way even.

  • Lucy Bowen

    Those socks are splendid, well done.

  • Ruth McKeon

    Your socks Ella look fantastic! Love how the blossoms are standing out now in the red. Your blanket looks like a great TV project and I like the colours you’ve chosen.

  • The socks are really pretty. Please do not wear them in shoes. They need to be seen! The blanket is growing by leaps and bounds. It looks nice and cozy for a cold winter day.

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