2018 / 2019 – Week 18

Socks. I’m getting a bit bored of them, I must admit. Seems like all I ever finish are socks, and even those here aren’t actually finished because I still have to weave in the ends. *sigh* Anyway, the two pairs are for my knitworthy friend, and the single one on top is for me. And just in time, I might add, since we had our first batch of snow today. (Totally makes sense – we switched back from daylight savings time last night and are on what is called „Winterzeit“ – „winter time“ in German – so yeah, winter totally hit the spot this year!)

As usual, this is the time of year I finally come up for a breather and a bit of contemplating. The year just wooshed by in such a hurry, looking back makes my head spin. I think I mentioned before that I work two jobs, one in that little shop I wrote about earlier in the year, and one for a fashion chain. Both couldn’t offer me the 20 – 25 hours / week that I actually want and need to work, but since each offered 13, and since chain was okay with me working weekends for little shop, I could combine them almost perfectly well. It worked well at the beginning. Then, once the 2017 Christmas rush was over, business quieted down in little shop, and my boss had to cut down my hours. Fortunately (well, that’s debateable, but let’s stick to that word for a while), one of my coworkers at chain quit, and I could take on her hours and work in some overtime to make up for the loss. Until about two weeks ago when the arrangement came to a rather abrupt halt. I was told by my boss at chain that I can’t work any more overtime, and they can’t up my hours anymore, so I’m back to working 13 hours / week with no extras. At my other job, I’m lucky if I get 13 hours / month! Steve and I have been calculating and contemplating how to make it work, since I actually like both jobs, and being happy is important as well. However, the truth is it won’t work in the long run. So whether I like it or not, I’m out job hunting again. Well, not right now, though, since I’m on sick leave with two broken ribs (no, I didn’t fall off my bike, I mobbed the floor, slipped and fell, and crashed ribs first into a chest of drawers) and hardly able to move at all. Even breathing is painful.

Crocheting still works, thank heavens. This is the beginning of the Tea Flower Shawl by Mijo Crochet. I bought the yarn at a yarn store in Forchheim in April, it’s Katia Spring Rainbow, and though it’s nice enough quality-wise (a cotton / acrylic blend, soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with even though the four strands aren’t plied), I’m less than thrilled with the colour changes. Usually, those multi-colour cakes just replace one tiny strand at a time which makes for practically invisible knots, and you just have two tiny strands to weave in. Not this one, though – one colour changes but all four strands are cut and re-knotted, and need I mention that knots of that size do come apart easily? Well, guess I’ll live. And the shawl is going to be lovely, if I do say so myself. I’m going to use up the entire cake for the net pattern, and add flowers in a contrasting colour, maybe some red or pink.

While I really could do without the pain, I’m trying to be positive about this broken ribs histoire – just think about all the crafting time I’ve got now, since I’m not allowed to do any housework or lift anything heavier than a sheet of paper (or a ball of yarn). Who knows, I might even get something finished! *gasp*

If you’re curious about what my fellow YOPpers are up to, or would like to join in the fun, find our group on Ravelry.

14 comments to 2018 / 2019 – Week 18

  • Oh my goodness, Ella. I’m sorry to read that you are hurt. And how you got hurt. That sounds really painful. I hope you heal up soon, but I’m sorry it will mean beginning a job hunt. I hope you find something that you enjoy and will offer you the pay and hours you need.

    Your socks are just beautiful, and your Tea Flower Shawl is lovely. How discouraging about all the knots in the yarn, though. I’m glad that doesn’t seem to get you down. The shawl will be beautiful when you’re finished.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. I’m already looking for another job and there are a few that sound promising. We’ll see. I’ve decided to take it one day at a time for now, and something or other will come along.

  • Oh my goodness – you see? housework is dangerous! I hope your ribs heal quickly – that is such a painful break having to breathe and all. I am glad you can still crochet.

    I am wishing for you to find the perfect job – it is out there for you to find – once you heal up.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Mary-Anne. Yes, housework is dangerous, even the doctor said so. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Knitting can be dangerous, too, though – I once accidentally stuck a dpn into my thigh. I must admit that the ribs hurt much more.

  • Oh, what a pity! Hope your rips get better soon and all the very best for your job search! This is not the Forchheim here near Karlsruhe, is it? I totally love the yarn you used for your socks, what is it, do you still know?

    • Ella

      Thank you, Domic. No, it’s the Forchheim near Bamberg. The sock yarn is Wollbutt Lollipop, it was on clearance at Buttinette, you might actually still get it, though. The quality’s great, and the colours are lovely, just what we’ve come to expect from Buttinette yarn, haven’t we?

  • Lucy Bowen

    Oh no, to the broken ribs. I hope you heal quickly. I also hope you find your perfect job. In the meantime, the socks are great but I can see that you may want to do something different for a while.

  • Ella, I am so sorry to hear about the job situation and then your painful ribs! You sound like you look on the bright side though which is good. I hope you heal fast and find the perfect job that you will love and pays you even more! The shawl is gorgeous and although you’re not carzy about the yarn it looks really great from here! Enjoy your ‚time off‘ and craft away!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Sandra. The shawl turned out lovely so for, the quality of the yarn is good, it’s just those horrid knots. I do love the way the colours play out. I’ve already started working on the flower border.

  • Liz

    Oh dear, broken ribs!! I am sure sleeping and normal daily tasks are a nightmare at the moment, so I am glad you are able to crochet without pain and look forward to seeing the finished shawl.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Liz. Yes, sleeping was quite an adventure. To be honest, I didn’t get much sleep during the first few nights. I’m so glad it all healed so quickly.

  • Ouch! Broken ribs hurt! I hope they mend soon and you can breathe easier.

    Sounds like you are stuck in what our leaders call “precarious” employment. I really wish our labour laws would disincentivize part time work. To my way of thinking the pay rate should match no matter what and the benefits should be pro-rated based on hours worked. I hope you find yourself a nice job – one that’s fipun and interesting with just the right number of hours!

    • Ella

      Thank you. Actually I was quite lucky with the chain. Since I work less than 16 hours, they could get away with paying a lump sum for social insurances as per German law, but they prefer to pay the full amount and give me all benefits. It’s just so frustrating to know there’s no room for development. Well, sometimes things just don’t work out, so there’s a lesson learned, and I’m trying to be positive and look forward.

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