2018 / 2019 – Week 1

So here we go, a new start to the Year of Projects that I tried (and failed) to participate in the previous year. The idea behind it is to create a list of projects to complete within the next twelve months but I found that while I’m really great at writing lists, I’m not so great at sticking to them, let alone completing items on said list. This year, I’ll just make stuff and blog about it without putting pressure on myself. If I get things finished – great. If not, so what? It’s a hobby after all, not a competition.

I do have a few WIPs that I would like to finish off, though, and a few plans and ideas about what to make next, so here’s my mini list:

  • Seed Stitch Blanket (knitting) – I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, have completed nine of the 16 coloured stripes I intended to knit, and I think it might be doable to finish this before winter. By the way, it’s the blanket pictured above.
  • Fruit Wave Salad Blanket (crochet) – I’m not that far in with this one but since it’s a pretty mindless pattern, it works up really fast. This is another one I think I might be able to finish before winter.
  • Picnic Shawl (knitting) – Almost feels like cheating to include this in the WIPs list since it’s almost done, all I have to do is finish the 20+ single leaves of the border. I already finished two last night and yikes! I love the look of the shawl, though, so it’s worth it.
  • Vanilla Socks (knitting) – I’ve learned the hard way not to say that „they’re so simple, they’ll be done in the blink of an eye“ because … yeah, right.
  • Spicier Life Blanket (crochet) – I started it, put it down for a while, picked it back up, realized I hadn’t kept any notes, forgot where I was, found that I didn’t like the fabric, and decided to just start over and keep better notes next time.
  • Rag Quilt (sewing) – I’ve collected lots and lots of old cotton duvet covers in a variety of colours and prints, and I’m going to make a very simple quilt with it. It’s not a difficult one, just time-consuming, but I’ll try to get it done in time for winter so I’ll have something pretty to snuggle under when it gets cold.

Another ongoing project Steve and I are working on together is our R&R – „Remodel & Renovate“. We’re still working on renovating our house (let me put it this way: renovating an old house you already live in is a form of torture that hasn’t been declared illegal yet), and have plans to remodel our garden.

This project is almost done, it’s a new shed Steve added at the back of our house. It’s already painted and sealed on the outside, he is busy working on the inside, all that’s missing is the gate. Since this is going to be a kind of garage where he’ll keep all his tools (and Lilly), and can work on our cars (and Lilly), it needs a garage door that we haven’t been able to afford yet (partly due to Lilly).

Okay, so much for a start. If you feel like joining in on YOP, please visit our Ravelry group and jump right in. And if you’re curious about Lilly … well, I’ll introduce her soon.

16 comments to 2018 / 2019 – Week 1

  • Oh I am so impressed with your seed blanket, beautiful colours. I also hear you on making lists, I mae them and then ignore them, lol.

  • Lilly… sounds like a puppy?!

    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to seeing the blankets progress. And please do share Renovate and Refinish photos… I love seeing that sort of thing!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Lynn. No, she’s not a puppy, we already have six of the canine persuasion, if Steve came home with another one, I’d run. *lol* I’ll share some more photos of the shed and all the plants Steve planted around it soon.

  • You have my sympathy on the R&R! Your plan for the project „list“ sounds like an excellent one. I’m looking forward to more updates, particularly seeing how the seed stitch blanket turns out — it looks so classic and inviting.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Ruby. I think the seed stitch blanket is going to be one of my all time favourites, it looks a bit like a woven blanket, and I love how it’s so colourful but not too much so. And it’s going to be big enough for family cuddles.

  • I love your non list. Free spirited is beautiful.

    I am curious about Lilly now. Can’t wait to meet her.

    • Ella

      Thank you, Marsha. Let’s see how things work out this year, without a list. I have yet to take some decent photos of Lilly, I only have a few snaps on my phone so far.

  • Glad you are joining us again this year. And nearly finished wips totally count – and it is great to finish something early in the project!
    I was going to do the non list thing but then, well, a list just jumped into my daytimer!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Mary-Anne. I guess those leaves are going to take a while to complete, working all those slip stitches along the edge is not something I should do when I get tired. *lol*

  • Ella, I’m now seriously curious about who (or what) Lily is. I’ve probably missed you tell about her in the past. Please fill us in. ;^) Oh wait, let me guess… Is Lily a special (vintage, maybe) vehicle!!!

    Your Seed Stitch blanket reminds me that I woke up this morning thinking of having a handmade lightweight full size (queen size) blanket. Something to just provide a little weight, but not much warmth is necessary. I concluded that no matter what pattern I used, and what weight of yarn, a project of that size will likely take a loooong time and would just become something I’m working on in the background. And then I wondered if I’d ever finish it if it became a „background“ project. And then I guess I put the thought out of my head. Your blanket will be wonderful when you finish it. And I have a feeling you actually will finish it. 🙂

    I like your brain dump comment above about lists. Yes! I think I sometimes used them that way, too. And they’re great for that purpose. For motivation, though, they leave me high and dry. Of course, they’re important for organizing and breaking down large tasks, and I’m sure I find them useful for other purposes. But for creative pursuits (that are just for fun?). Not so much. Glad to see another non-lister! I know I’m going to enjoy seeing what you make this YOP year!

    • Ella

      Thank you, Becki. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, I’ve never mentioned Lilly before, and we’ve only had her for a few days.
      The problem with those huge blankets is that starting them is easy but finishing them is a completely different matter. They get so large and heavy that working on them isn’t exactly fun anymore – well, until one gets to the „let me get this done and over with, I can’t stand it anymore“ point. I’ll just try to be brave and persevere. LOL.

  • PJ

    I hear ya with the lists. I’ve got a very loose plan to finish projects this year. I’m going to pick 2-3 a month and focus on them. I find I lose interest if I try and plan too far ahead. I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year.

    • Ella

      Thank you, PJ. Yes, that is about it – I too lose interest and end up feeling overwhelmed, and that just takes the fun out of planning.

  • I totally understand about the lists. I however am an avid list maker. Maker, not follower, or cross it offer..lol. I did make a list of projects that have been sitting around a while. i thought if I say it on paper (or screen) that it would encourage me to get them completed.
    I feel your pain about living in a renovation area. I have a 1950 farm house that needs work. I’m doing a bit at a time, and the yard, was great for a while but it needs attention too. Balancing that all out with the need to create, that is where my problems lie..
    I saw in the comments that you have 9 dogs, we have 3, plus a large number of cats and chickens. They just seem to end up at our house, there must be a sign that I can’t see, directing them our way..

    • Ella

      Thank you, Allison. I too love making lists, it’s just the following through I don’t love. LOL. We’ve got 4 Collies and 2 Cocker Spaniels, more cats than I’m ready to admit in public, and the fish soup. Just goes to prove that I can’t be trusted around puppies.

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