{ Photography } Sparkle

moroccan glass baubles sparkling in the sunlight

This might be one of my favourite photos of 2019. We went to the African Carribean Festival in Bayreuth, and what a sight it was! The bright colours of the clothes on sale, the smell of spices and traditional african dishes being cooked, the sound of music (the band playing on the main stage was exceptional) … it was amazing. And then I saw the moroccan booth, with lanterns and silver plates and these baubles, and the way they caught the sunlight, and I was sold. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any home with me but I’ve been dreaming of having a moroccan corner somewhere in the house ever since, complete with a cushion seat, an end table with a tea set on a silver plate on top, a lantern hanging from the ceiling, and one or twenty of these beautiful light catchers in the window.

Speaking of lanterns …

moroccan lanterns

Yes, I definitely need one of those, too. Hygge is what you make of it, isn’t it?