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October 2019 Reads

So here’s the list of books I’ve read in October.

*all links are Amazon affiliate links. Meaning that if you buy a book through one of my links, I’ll get a few cents reward for advertising them (no, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay more than the regular price).

Dark Days Ahead

Literally, I mean. We’ve switched back to regular time from Daylight Savings Time, and as a result, days are shorter, nights feel a hundred years long, and it’s definitely chilly out there. Actually, it’s the perfect time for me to go out with my camera. Mornings are cold but beautiful, the light is just amazing, and I even get a chance to snap sunset fotos (I don’t do that much in summer because often enough, sunset is way past my bedtime, and besides, the light just isn’t the same).

I’m quite torn about whether to like winter or not. There’s an awful lot of stuff I don’t like about winter – working retail in December, when shoppers are at their happiest, peacefullest, most considerate. NOT! … having to drive to work in the snow, or on icey roads … the bitter and biting cold … the darkness … this heartbreaking end-of-year-melancholy I get every year, and can’t seem to shake off, no matter how I try … And then there are all the things I love about winter – like sitting in the kitchen, the hearth fired up, drinking tea while reading a good book and knitting … the quiet all around me, especially when snow falls … the perfect excuse to go to bed early to read (because hey, it’s dark anyway, so why stay up?) … the way the snow sparkles in the sun, as if a hundred million tiny little diamonds were hidden in there somewhere … cookies … hot chocolate … our wedding anniversary (this year will be our 30th). I guess it’s all a question of mindsets.

Somebody please remind me why humans don’t hibernate? Anybody up for starting a new trend?


moroccan glass baubles sparkling in the sunlight

This might be one of my favourite photos of 2019. We went to the African Carribean Festival in Bayreuth, and what a sight it was! The bright colours of the clothes on sale, the smell of spices and traditional african dishes being cooked, the sound of music (the band playing on the main stage was exceptional) … it was amazing. And then I saw the moroccan booth, with lanterns and silver plates and these baubles, and the way they caught the sunlight, and I was sold. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any home with me but I’ve been dreaming of having a moroccan corner somewhere in the house ever since, complete with a cushion seat, an end table with a tea set on a silver plate on top, a lantern hanging from the ceiling, and one or twenty of these beautiful light catchers in the window.

Speaking of lanterns …

moroccan lanterns

Yes, I definitely need one of those, too. Hygge is what you make of it, isn’t it?

All Those Squares!

Decluttering is a bit like an archeological expedition – treasures may turn up in unexpected places. Like all those squares I made years ago, totally forgot about, and found yesterday when cleaning out a chest of drawers.

I’m quite impressed with myself, actually. The squares are paper pieced, and I was really careful about sewing straight and keeping the correct seam allowance, and apparently, I pressed them well after each added piece. I mean, pressed them with an iron, not just finger pressed and hoped for the best. They look quite nice, even after being hidden away in a drawer for years.

Just look how many of them I managed to make! I still like the pattern, and it’s a good way to use up scraps, so I guess I’ll just keep going and collect more blocks. By the way, I got the template from The Quilter’s Cache, it’s called „All Those Squares!„.

And guess what else I found:

My first ever Crazy Patch block, aka The Unfinished Symphony. I still like the lace and rose bud detail. If I were to do it again, I’d add some more contrast with the embroidery, though. Anyhow, not bad for a total beginner.

So, I’d say that’s one more project for my ever-growing list…